Professor Becky Smith's "16 to Life" is released everywhere

The film is now available on more than 100 cable networks, Netflix, Amazon and iTunes.


16 to life is strongly driven by UCLA alums, who include cinematographer Quyen Tran MFA ’08, editor Eleanor Infante ’98, co-editor and post-production supervisor Karen Smalley ’99, MFA ’06, and actress Hallee Hirsh, currently a senior. Faculty member Denise Mann produced the film.

“16 to Life” has won nine “Best Feature” awards at festivals internationally, two “Best Actor” awards, and two “Best Supporting Actor” awards along with nominations for more than a dozen other awards.

The film follows rural American teenager Kate, whose angst about sexual inexperience drives a comic quest for love and understanding on a birthday to end all birthdays. “16 To Life,” shot on location on the Mississippi River, boasts terrifically funny, heartfelt performances from newcomers Hallee Hirsh (KATE), Mandy Musgrave (DARBY), and soulful veteran seductress Theresa Russell (LOUISE).