Warthogs on television

The sitcom “What’s Up, Warthogs!” has just been picked up by the Canadian Family Channel with a 20 Episode order. The teenage sitcom is written by two TFT students, Julie Sagalowsky and Alex Diaz. It was created in Fred Rubin‘s pilot class at UCLA.

The show, "What's Up, Warthogs!," follows the antics of a group of teens who team up to transform their school's boring PA announcements into a hilarious news show that comments on, as well as reporting, the latest news.

The multi-camera comedy about a group of awkward teens was created and written by Julie Sagalowsky and Alex Diaz and is executive produced by Dolphin Entertainment.

Bill O’Dowd of Dolphin and Andrew Rosen of Aircraft Pictures share the executive producer credits. Anthony Leo of Aircraft Pictures is producing.

Julie Sagalowsky and Alex Diaz are represented by Dobré Films.