Brogan's "Burned" Heats up the Twin Cities

Romancing the apocalypse with alumna Rachel Brogan Flanery MFA '06


The latest work by TFT playwriting alumna Rachael Brogan Flanery MFA ’06, a black-comic variation on a post-apocalyptic theme, begins a three-weekend engagement at St. Paul, MN’s, Gremlin Theatre on October 22.

Here’s the official description from the website of the Minneapolis theater cooperative Flanery co-founded, Table Salt Productions:

"Both funny and disturbing, this new play follows the characters Hannah and John, two office co-workers who survive 'the big one.' John was once just Hannah’s office crush, but now she is injured and completely dependent on his goodwill. Their partnership fails to grow in this new world of ash, and Hannah eventually leaves — in her words, 'to die with a nicer group of people.' Hannah not only finds a nicer group of people, she becomes their leader. This cozy community is threatened when John limps back into the picture."