Donor Honor Roll 2014

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The School of Theater, Film and Television and UCLA Film & Television Archive gratefully acknowledge the generosity of our donors in 2014, whose gifts support students and faculty, research, new curricular initiatives, equipment, theater and film productions, festivals, showcases, film preservation and programming, as well as the Archive Council and other current-use annual funds.

If you would like to support TFT please visit our giving page.

$1,000,000 & Above
David Woodley Packard, Jr.
The Packard Humanities Institute
Stanford Theatre

$100,000 - $999,999
The Andrew J. Kuehn Foundation
Ralph and Barbara Edwards Foundation
The Film Foundation, Inc.
Will Gorges
Henry Van Ameringen
Hollywood Foreign Press Association
H. Van Ameringen Foundation
Lyn and John Luzwick
Helen Morris and Martin Scorsese
Nello Pace and Mary Jo Pace Trust
The Scorsese Family Foundation
Sikelia Productions
Pride Foundation Ric Weiland Estate Fund

$25,000 - $99,999
The Bridges/Larson Foundation
John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation
Iranian American Heritage Foundation of Southern California
Jack Larson
Louis B. Mayer Foundation
The Myra Reinhard Family Foundation
Myra Teitelbaum Reinhard '58 P
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
San Manuel Band of Mission Indians

$10,000 - $24,999
American Psychological Association
Erica Bunin
Cooper Family Trust
Reada Bunin Edelstein
George Lucas Family Foundation
Marcus Hu
Lucasfilm Foundation
National Film Preservation Foundation
Rohauer Collection Foundation
Barbara Roisman-Cooper '62 and Martin Cooper '63
SabuCat Productions
Strand Releasing

$5,000 - $9,999
Carol Bahoric MBA '88 and Myron Meisel
Stephanie '81 and Harold Bronson '72
Liberty Hill Foundation Harold & Stephanie Bronson Fund
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

$1,000 - $4,999
Sharon and Joseph Adashek '84
Bonnie Arnold 1997 Trust U/A/D 06/04/1997
Bonnie Arnold and Robert Puglisi
Robert S. Bader
David Berenson
Natalie and Matthew Bernstein
Margaret Black and John Ptak '67
Carpenter Family Foundation
Mary and Richard Carpenter
Diane Cary and Jim Parriott III MFA '74
Rita Cossette
Custom Film Effects
Bill Di Cicco
Marcia Diracles
D. J. Audio, Inc.
Sandra and J. Nicoll Durrie Jr.
The Early To Bed Tent - Oasis #239
Jodie Foster
John Gloske
Carrie Gorringe and Scott Thurlow
Peter Graumann
Ann Greyson
Virginia Walker Gross
Edna and Yu-Shan Han Charitable Foundation Dtd March 2, 1983
Michael C. Iracondo III '91
Eugene W. Jackson III
The J. and V. H. Oakie Charitable Foundation
H. Wesley Kenney
Pamela and Tom* Korman
Deborah MFA '75 and John Landis
Linda Marie Lee '66
Microsoft Corporation
Kathryn Mossom
Nepenthe Productions
Jackie and Peter Oreckinto
Jessica and Kirk Robertson
Elisabeth and Martin Rosen '58
Duane Rutledge
Michael Duane Rutledge
Stephen Neal Sauer '74 P
Mindy Schirn and Jan-Christopher Horak
Schwab Charitable Fund Alicia Foster Fund
Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving Linda M. Lee Fund
Alexandra Seros '69, GRADD '16 and Walter Ulloa
Anne-Marie MBA '78 and Alex Spataru '70, MBA '79
Patsy MLS '64 and Robert Sung P
Seymour Sussman '52
Kathleen '72 and H. M.* Webster III '70
Diane and George Wolfberg '61 P
Theodore A. Woolery

$1 - $999
Meredith and Robert Alcock P
Kean Eli Almryde '09
Deatra Johnson-Anderson and Jonpatrick Anderson '79
Anonymous (1)
Lisa Arakaki and Bing Kongmebhol MBA '00
Margaret MFA '74 and Danilo Bach MFA '70 P
Bradley Bayou and Mark Itkin '75
Lois Becker '72 and Mark Stratton
Nicholas Patrick Beck MS '60, EDD '75
Richard L. Beecher
The Benickes Family Trust
Jo Anne and Miles Benickes '68
John L. Benson

$1 - $999
Christine Berardo and Robert Markowitz
George Edwards Berger
Leah '69 and Gregory Bergman '70 P
Jill Bernheimer MA '98 and Jesse Zigelstein MA '98E. Fagan
The W. & R. Bernheimer Family Foundation
Beverly '68, MA '69, PHD '73 and Bernard Bienstock '68, MS '70
Peter E. Blau
Block-Heads Tent of the Sons of the Desert
Maria and Robert Boden '81
The Boeing Company
Kristine Brancolini
Susan Bretz
Bubbaloo, Inc.
A. K. Burns
Rhonda Fleming Carlson and Darol Carlson
Shirley B. Carpenter
Joy A. Chuck MA '74, MLS '83
The Clorox Company Foundation
The Coca-Cola Company
Luis A. Cordero
Carol '61 and Philip Cramer '58, MBA '62
Jamie Curtis and Christopher Guest
Jon F. Davison
Margaret Melissa Dean MFA '92
Joan E. Del Monte MA '66
Cheryl Downey MA '68, PHD '71
Bob Duncan
Lacey Ebbert and Dean Smith '54
Robert Eberlein
Gwen Ewart and Robert Thomas
The John Fadiman and Stephen Lesser Fund
Nan E. Fagan
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Matthews Charity Account
Lucile and Joseph Gantman '44
Norm Garr
George E. Berger 2005 Revocable Trust
Bergman Dacey Goldsmith
Jannene and Eric Gunter
Barbara Enloe Hadsell JD '78 and Douglas Hadsell
The Harry Major Trust
Jackie Haskins '68
Lois and Norman Hatch
IBM Corporation
In The Life Media Inc.
Claudia D. Israel
Maria B. Jacobson
Jeffrey J. Masino Living Trust
Susan '67 and William Kapitanoff '66, MS '67
Elizabeth Lane and Lewis Colick MFA '76
Lily and Tommy Lee P
Stephen Oliver Lesser '61
Audrey and Peter Levin
A. J. Lewis Jr. MFA '03
Lexus Inc.
Joe Libby
Julia and James Lovin
Javier Lozano
Shelley Anne Lyons '83
Ted and Roberta Mann Foundation
Jeffery Jon Masino
Carolyn May
Amy Mayhew '77 and Stephen Carroll PHD '79
Joyce and William* McKnight
Dina Merrill and Ted Hartley
Mile High United Way
Gabrielle and Jeffery Miller
Lawrence A. Mirisch
Darryl Mori
David Burton Morris III MFA '12
David R. Moss
Elizabeth and Donald Murray
Rebecca Borkgren Myers '62
Naomi Naito '75, DDS '89
Lindsey Russell Nelson MFA '81
Laura and Donald Nemcek Jr. P
Duncan and Marlene Rehkamp O'Brien
Jennifer Owens and Jay Ornellas '74, MBA '76
Jeffrey Palmer
Ehren Reid Parks MFA '10
James Eugene Pearce MA '75, PHD '80
Marion Peters and Jonathan Mersel MS '77
George Thomas Pletts Jr. '58
Howard Henry Prouty '78
Aditya Kiran Putcha '02
Ron George Ranson Jr. MFA '67
Christian L. Rehr MFA '82
Cathleen '82 and Peter Reiher MS '83, PHD '87
Rhonda Fleming Mann Foundation
Richard A. Rofman
David Sameth
Alessandro Santi
Judith and Randall Schaefer
David H. Schmutz
Laura Schreibman '68, MA '69, PHD '72 and Dennis Laducer
Marlene and Eric Schultz
Lisa and Larry Selkow
Dan Silver
Janette '73 and William Singley '63
Sons of the Desert - Way Out West
Everett C. Stallings
A. L. Steiner
Stephen Lesser Fund
Karin and Steven Stern '73
Thomas S. Suhs
Micheline and David Swift
Susan '72 and Mark Taggart
Francesca Talenti
Toyota Motor Corporation
Linda and Peter Vanlaw '56
Jane and Richard Ward
Laura and Guy Weaser '78
Robert B. Weide
Elke Elizabeth Werner '92
Christine and Raphael Wong '90