Donor Honor Roll 2012

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The School of Theater, Film and Television and the UCLA Film & Television Archive gratefully acknowledge the generosity of our donors in 2012, whose gifts support students and faculty, research, new curricular initiatives, equipment, theater and film productions, festivals, showcases, film preservation and programming, as well as the Archive Council and other current-use annual funds.

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David W. Packard

Joy Goldschmidt and Anthony J. Goldschmidt
Constance Midgley and Stanley Midgley

Cirque du Soleil
Hollywood Foreign Press Association Charitable Trust
Florence Sloan and Harry Evans Sloan

Jim Berk/Participant Productions Foundation
Maurice S. Kanbar
Andrew J. Kuehn Foundation
Jack Larson
Louis B. Mayer Foundation
Jan S. Mitchell and William E. Mitchell
National Assoc. of Theatre Owners of California/Nevada
Eleanor R. Padnick and Glenn A. Padnick
Myra Reinhard Family Foundation
Rosemary Kraemer Raitt Foundation
Audre S. Slater / Los Angeles Philanthropic Committee for the Arts
The Fran and Ray Stark Foundation
The Samuel Goldwyn Foundation

Joanne Carson
Melissa P. Draper and Timothy C. Draper
Kemp R. Niver Trust
Paula Wagner and Rick Nicita

Home Box Office Inc.
Humana, Inc.
Iranian American Heritage Foundation of Southern California
Joseph Drown Foundation
Teri S. Hertz and Kenneth Hertz
Kathleen Kennedy and Frank W. Marshall
Marianne J. Murphy and Michael M. Murphy
David A and Karen Richards Sachs
Linda Sandrich and Jay Sandrich
Darren B. Star
Strand Releasing
The Charles & Lucille King Family Foundation, Inc.
The J. and V. H. Oakie Charitable Foundation

Academy Foundation
Ares Management LLC
Donald L. De Line
Cecilia deMille Presley and Randall E. Presley
Margaret A. Gabriel and Gregory G. Gabriel
Tara L. Guber and Peter Guber
Megan K. Haller and Peter J. Rice
Curtis Hanson
Philip I. Kent
Nancy W. Laurie
Kishore Lulla
Carol Bahoric and Myron Meisel
National Film Preservation Foundation
Nancy Richardson
Kathleen M. Rosenbloom and Dale C. Rosenbloom
Richard W. Sakai
Amy Brenneman and Bradley M. Silberling
Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.
Elizabeth Wilson and John T. Wilson
Bruce Vaughn
Suzanne C. Walker and Jeff Walker
Deborah Widener
Joy G. Wohlwend and Wells K. Wohlwend
Jenny L. Wolpert and Richard E. Wolpert

Sharon S. Adashek and Joseph A. Adashek
James Alario
David M. Amann
Dan and Cindy Angel
Avongard Products U.S.A. Ltd.
Aida Babayan and Ara Babayan
Robert S. Bader
Holladay R. Bank and Raymond L. Bank
Lynette M. Barnum and Usher L. Barnum
Sergei Bodrov
Gwen and Ray Bolger Trust
David Chierichetti
Sanford R. Climan
Eleanor N. Coppola and Francis F. Coppola
Custom Film Effects
Channing Dungey Power and Scott Power
Sherrie E. Dunn and Michael J. Dunn

Todd Hughes and P. David Ebersole
Entertainment Partners
Richard J. Frank
GE Fund Corporate Alumni Program
Julie Hainer and Anders Hainer
Brad Hall
Mindy Schirn and Jan-Christopher Horak
Chrisi Karvonides-Dushenko
Janice M. Kent and Donald M. Kent
Marita J. Grabiak and Ron J. Kolodziej
Deborah N. Landis and John D. Landis
Sue Pietsch and John Maier
David J. Mermelstein
Motion Picture Editors Guild
Richard Nicolella
Kathleen A. McHugh and Chon A. Noriega
Margaret Black and John Ptak
Judith Reichman
Frances Reid
Rodney Sauer
John S. Scheinfeld
Erika Sloane
Stratton-Petit Foundation
Patsy Sung and Robert E. Sung
Marcus D. Surjopolos
Mark Topaz
Angela R. Westengard
Maaza Woldemusie
Stephanie Workman
Fred Wostbrock
Alan Young

Dhruvi M. Acharya
Zareh Arevshatian
Alan M. Armstrong
Bonnie R. Arnold
Robert Asher
Lisa J. Brauer
Pamela B. Briggs and William McDonald
Kathy Brodbeck
Harold Bronson
Irene Burns
John T. Caldwell
Myung Hee A. Cho
Clif Bar & Company
Mary J. Deschanel and Caleb Deschanel
Vince Di Meglio
Phyllis K. Epstein and Donald R. Epstein
Rolf Forsberg
Jodie Foster
John Gloske
Christopher Guest
Judith C. Harris and Robert Singer
Deborah Hoffmann
Gale A. Hurd
Michael C. Iracondo
Ellen R. Jacobson and Jerry M. Jacobson
Linda M. Lee
Lily Y. Lee and Tommy C. Lee
Judith F. Levin and William N. Levin
Linda Lichter and Nick Marck
Ellen D. Little and Robert B. Little
Jeffery J. Masino
Pauline A. Mayer and Roger L. Mayer
Julie McLean
Robert G. Meidel
Ann Moss and Jerry S. Moss
Northrop Grumman Foundation
Jennifer N. Owens and Jay T. Ornellas
Paolo Polesello
Restaurant Productions, LLC
Janis B. Salin and R. James Woloshyn
Stephen N. Sauer
Myrl A. Schreibman
Screen Actors Guild Inc.
Shirley L. Shapiro and Ralph J. Shapiro
David B. Smotrich
Sons of the Desert - Way Out West
Sons of the Desert New York Founding Tent
Bonnie R. Stark
Konjit Bekele and Cheru Terefe
The Early To Bed Tent - Oasis #239
Turner Broadcasting System Inc.
Richard L. Utley
Natasha G. Wagner
Stuart Waks
Wells Fargo & Company
Lisa M. Wiegand
Women In Film

Mark W. Adler
Kean E. Almryde
Lynne L. Alschuler and Donald J. Alschuler
Amgen Foundation Inc.
Jean L. Aroeste
Joyce A. Arrastia
Barrett H. Barnes
Raquel M. Barreto
Nicholas P. Beck
Lois Becker
Sally Durbin and Phillip S. Bedel
Jo Anne Benickes and Miles L. Benickes
John L. Benson
Helen S. Bergh
Renne J. Bilson and Bruce L. Bilson
Julie R. Black
Peter J. Blancke
Peter E. Blau
Jerry H. Bledsoe
Block-Heads Tent of the Sons of the Desert
Marilyn Bock and David Bock
Kourtnie S. Boeve
Loretta C. Bonus
Kristine Brancolini
Janelle M. Del Carlo and Keith E. Brant
Barbara A. Bray and Robert T. Bray
Alan H. Brimfield
Karen Brook and Vincent M. Brook
Laure N. Brost Halliday
Nancy Browar
Anne Bruner and James Bremner
Christine A. Buckelew and Alan B. Buckelew
Susan D. Bukowski and James B. Bukowski
William J. Byrnes
Elizabeth Calfas and Scott J. Calfas
Anthony E. Cantrell
Rocco Caruso
Britt M. Chadwick and Donald T. Chadwick
Kristin A. Chang and Ting Chang
Joy A. Chuck
Heidi G. Clark
Steve Cobb
Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc.
Jeff Coe
Elizabeth Lane and Lewis A. Colick
Rachel E. Collins
Nancy K. Colman and David L. Colman
Luis A. Cordero
Tara C. Corley and Tom Corley
Brian K. Courville
Carol S. Cramer and Philip A. Cramer
Pamela S. Crane and Michael A. Crane
Crew Neck Productions
Bridget Kelly-Cruz and Marcelo M. Cruz
Cameron S. Curtis
Winston S. Cutshall
Rebekah A. Dannelley
Jon F. Davison
Ann S. De Wolfe
Janice T. Koyama and George L. Dea
Margaret M. Dean
Kirby Dick
Robert G. Dickson
Christine L. Dipego and Gerald F. Dipego
Paul F. Dodwell
Walton Dornisch
Bob Duncan
Robert E. Durham
Gay H. Durward and Donald L. Durward
Sara H. Edwards
Ira V. Ellenbogen
Barbara Enloe Hadsell
Rebecca L. Epstein
Edward Epstein
Sandra A. Evans and Scot T. Evans
Mary R. Farrar and Scott D. Farrar
Jody B. Fay and William F. Fay
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund The Miyasako Family Fund
Susan L. Fleg and Richard A. Fleg
Maria Flint and Michael Flint
Darryl B. Fong
Steven M. Freeman
Robin French
Diane E. Frolov
Leslie F. Gaylord
Moges Gebremariam
Eileen D. Gizienski and John L. Gizienski
David K. Glass
Arnie C. Glassberg
Shannon L. Gleason
Mary Goldberg and Gene G. Goldberg
Frederic C. Goldstein
Pamela S. Goodwin and Alan C. Zetterberg
Wendy J. Gordon
Jeffery T. Goyer
Cassandra E. Grant
Eve M. Greitzer and Steven S. Greitzer
Valentina Hertz-Grossman and Marc Grossman
Rebecca W. Guzzi
Michel Hafner
Bambi L. Haggins
Maureen Haldeman and Barry Haldeman
Mark Hansson
Martin B. Hart
Deborah J. Hartman and William R. Hartman
Thomas N. Hemphill
Virginia A. Hinkle
Langston T. Holly
Leann James and Eric A. Holmberg
Barbara A. Resnick-Horwitz and Daniel P. Horwitz
Karl Y. Hostetler
Mary Huelsbeck
Claudia D. Israel
Bradley Bayou and Mark A. Itkin
J. L. Fisher, Inc.
Joel A. Jacobs
Darryl F. Johnson
Elaine D. Johnson
Richard T. Johnson
Kumiko Hakushi and Daniel J. Jue
Denise L. Katz and Andrew E. Katz
Shoshannah D. Katz and Kevin E. Schraven
Stephen G. Katz
Sheppard R. Kaufman
Lisa Kelly and Michael Seales
Marcella A. Kelly and Scot J. Kelly
Herman Kelting
Melissa R. Kent
Javad Khakbaz
Hildegard T. Knoll
Thomas P. Koehring
Roger D. Krob
Diane Kwasman and Alan Kwasman

A. J. Lewis
Stanley R. Kyker
Anju Relan and Vinay Lal
Rachel L. Schwab and Chet D. Lanctot
Sherry F. Lane and H. Richard Lane
Anne Wile and Alex Lasker
Stephen O. Lesser
Matthew Lessner
Yvonne T. Lev and Peter A. Lev
Audrey D. Levin and Peter Levin
A. J. Lewis
Linda L. Lindbeck and Eric O. Lindbeck
Cathleen Fitzpatrick Linder
Rong L. Liou
Lindsey D. Lombardi and Arthur P. Lombardi
James Lombardi
Carolyn Long and Theodore Long
Rob Loos
Joyce P. Ludmer and Michael Ludmer
Nancy Malone
Joshua Manevich
Minta Manning
Eric A. Mansker
Patsy Marino
Ginger Markevicius and Marius A. Markevicius
John E. Matthews
Kimberly M. Mc Greal
Marcy A. McCall and Paul N. Condolora
Susan K. McKeehan and Daniel N. Frederick
Yvonne S. Meier-Hull
Robert L. Meissner
Dina Merrill and Ted Hartley
Marion Peters and Jonathan Mersel
Jesse T. Ferguson and Justin N. Mikita
Joady L. Miller and Bruce L. Miller
Hillary Miller and Neena Husid
Gabrielle E. Miller and Jeffery E. Miller
Lawrence A. Mirisch
Jacqueline J. Mitchell and Frederick O. Mitchell
Minyon Moore
Darryl Mori
Jerry D. Mosher
Elaine D. Moskowitz and Irwin Moskowitz
Elizabeth C. Murray and Donald P. Murray
Rebecca B. Myers
Daphne Gronich and Paul G. Nagle
Brian Nelson
Tanya T. Nuss
Oliver C. Olsen
Jon T. O'Neal
Linda W. Ornitz and Edward M. Ornitz
Antonio G. Ortiz
Carol L. Ozanich and Thomas J. Ozanich
John Parbst
Jerome A. Parker
Diane Cary and Jim D. Parriott
P. Amanda Parsons and Daniel G. McIntosh
Umesh P. Pathak
James E. Pearce
Scott M. Pease
Hildred A. Perry and Felton E. Perry
Margaret E. Phillips and Mario Gerla
Erica M. Pinto
George T. Pletts
Lauren E. Polizzi
Elizabeth M. Porto and Manuel Porto
Douglas C. Pray
Michael R. Prescott
Rebecca L. Prime
Aditya K. Putcha
Mark Quigley
Felix Racelis
Luis R. Ramos
Margaret E. Regula and Stanley W. Regula
Margaret M. Reiff and Daniel P. Reiff
Cathleen A. Reiher and Peter L. Reiher
Kerry L. Reis
Kathleen Riquelme Quisenberry and John N. Quisenberry
Richard E. Rogers
Anne R. Reavis and Mark W. Romefelt
Gordon J. Rose
Robert Rosen
Lawrence S. Rubaum
Robin U. Russin
Marilyn M. Manners and Randolph L. Rutsky
Ira Sachs
Estelle G. Saltzman
Danielle L. Sanchez-Witzel
Sean Savage
Barbara A. Scarlett and Earle S. Scarlett
Linda Schaller and Timothy Schaller
Richard Schickel
David H. Schmutz
Laura E. Schreibman and Dennis W. Laducer
Casey Scott
Sondra E. Scott
Kenneth H. Seiff
Scott Seiffert
Edwin B. Self
Eve Spencer and Paul F. Selfa
Andrea J. Ruff and David B. Shapiro
Timothy M. Shechmeister
Zoe Sherlick and Jeremy Sherlick
Janette R. Singley and William P. Singley
R. John Slosser
George H. Slotnick
Lisa P. Smith and Jeffrey J. Smith
Lisa Smith and Wesley M. Smith
Phyllis Momtazee-Snelling and William L. Snelling
Susan Snyder and David S. Snyder
Susan L. Solat
Andrea Sossin-Bergman and Paul Bergman
Margaret Spear
Michelle T. Spellman and John R. Spellman
Roberta S. Spero
Lynn B. Spigel and Jeffrey Sconce
Sheri L. Starr and Christopher M. Starr
Karin H. Stern and Steven J. Stern
Robert A. Sternin
James A. Strain
Ronald J. Streibich
Roberta M. Suber and Howard Suber
Dawn B. Sutton and Phoef R. Sutton
Micheline B. Swift
Endale Tezera
The Clorox Company Foundation
The Fountain Theatre
The J. P. Morgan Chase Foundation
The Metro Theatre Center Foundation
The Walt Disney Company Foundation
Heather A. Thomas and Skip M. Brittenham
Gwen Ewart and Robert Thomas
Ann Petit and Benjamin A. Thompson
Susan Tortorici and Peter Tortorici
Jennifer Una
Robert Wales
John C. Walker
Patricia S. Walter and Richard Walter
Susan L. Bell-Warner and Scott D. Warner
Jill W. Weinlein and Eric A. Weinlein
Mike L. Werb
Eric W. Wilks
Denise G. Williams
Tyler Winklevoss
John M. Winslow
Nicholle Y. Winters
Elizebeth Wolf and Fred Wolf
Mimi Wolfen and Werner F. Wolfen
Elbateene B. Young and John W. Young
Kris T. Young
Patricia K. Zapp
Cindy Pollard-Zeaman and Michael L. Zeaman
Jill A. Bernheimer and Jesse A. Zigelstein
Luli Barzman and Fabrice F. Ziolkowski