Donor Honor Roll 2010

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The School of Theater, Film and Television and the UCLA Film & Television Archive gratefully acknowledge the generosity of our donors in 2010, whose gifts support students and faculty, research, new curricular initiatives, equipment, theater and film productions, festivals, showcases, film preservation and programming, as well as the Archive Council and other current-use annual funds.

If you would like to support TFT please visit our giving page.

David C. Copley
David W. Packard, Jr.
The Packard Humanities Institute

The Film Foundation
James S. Green
Hollywood Foreign Press Association Charitable Trust
Negulesco Trust
Ken and Carol Schultz Family Foundation
Ronald Terry Shedlo Estate
Elizabeth R. and Kenneth C. Whitney

Tim and Melissa Draper
The J. Paul Getty Trust
Nokia Mobile Phones
Teri E. Schwartz

Adobe Systems Inc.
The Samuel Goldwyn Foundation
Maurice S. Kanbar
The Andrew J. Kuehn Jr. Foundation
Los Angeles Philanthropic Committee for the Arts
National Association of Theatre Owners of California/Nevada
Amy Pascal
The Myra Reinhard Family Foundation
Audre S. Slater
Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.
Darren F. Star
The Fran and Ray Stark Foundation

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Laurie K. Coots
NBC Universal
The Kemp R. Niver Trust
The Jack and Victoria Horne Oakie Charitable Foundation
Alvin H. Perlmutter
Karen R. and David A. Sachs
Amber and Richard W. Sakai
Linda Susan Zook Estate

Dee Caruso
Joseph Drown Foundation
William D. Heer
The Charles and Lucille King Family Foundation
David A. Leveton
Jan S. and William E. Mitchell
National Film Preservation Foundation
Rosemary Kraemer Raitt Foundation
Ann C. Rosenfield Estate

Jim Berk
The British Academy of Film and Television Arts
Sandy R. Climan
The Coppola Family Trust
Pearl M. Courson
Demand Media, Inc.
Cecil B. DeMille Foundation
Cecilia DeMille Presley
Entertainment-Media Venture Partners Corporation
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
The Greenstone Family Trust
Tara L. and Peter Guber
Edna and Yu-Shan Han Charitable Foundation
Curtis Hanson
Kenneth B. Hertz
Humana Inc. Contributions Committee
The Marilyn and Jeffrey Katzenberg Foundation
Philip I. Kent Media Corporation
Frank W. Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy
Participant Productions Foundation
John Ptak and Margaret Black
Timothy F. Robbins
Rohauer Collection Foundation
Richard M. Rosenblatt
Dale C. Rosenbloom
Ralph and Shirley Shapiro
Bradley M. Silberling and Amy Brenneman
Harry and Florence Sloan Foundation
Patsy and Robert E. Sung
Robert Thomas and Gwen Ewart
Universal Studios
Paula Wagner
Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks
The Ned Wilson Memorial Fund
Women In Film
The Jonathan N. Zakin Foundation

Joseph A. Adashek
Dan and Cynthia A. Angel
Alan M. Armstrong
Holladay R. and Raymond L. Bank
Lynette M. and Usher L. Barnum
Gwen and Ray Bolger Fund
Entertainment Partners
Mark Freeman
Kay and Jack W. Geiger
Zaki Gordon Charitable Gift Fund
Marco Greenberg
Liz and Evan M. Greenspan
Shane D. Kelly
Diana Kerew
Ron J. Kolodziej and Marita J. Grabiak
Judith F. and William N. Levin
Mike Medavoy
Myron S. Meisel and Carol D. Bahoric
Walter M. Mirisch
Marianne J. and Michael M. Murphy
Joseph B. Neulight
New York Women In Film And Television
The Ozzie and Harriet Trust
Dr. Eleanor R. and Glenn A. Padnick
Ira M. Resnick Foundation, Inc.
Michael W. Schleiger
Martin M. Sosin
Strand Releasing
Stratton-Petit Foundation
Donald R. Thompson
Trachinger Trust
Verizon Foundation
Roger F. Vorce
Merle A. Wolfe
Stephanie Workman

Zareh Arevshatian
Bonnie Arnold
Marc Atlan
George E. Berger
Brain Candy LLC
The Bridges/Larson Foundation
Stephanie N. and Harold Bronson
Diana C. Buckhantz
Celluloid Improvisations, LLC
Margaret D. and Charles D. Champlin
Clif Bar and Company
Michael W. Colleary
Pamela S. and Michael A. Crane
Sherrie E. Dunn
Ralph Edwards Productions
Melvyn B. Efros
Jodie Foster
Arthur and Magdel Friedman
Fisseha Gessesse
Northrop Grumman Foundation
Jennifer and Jonathan Harris-Deans
Goldie Hawn
Todd K. Holland and Scotch E. Loring
Home Box Office Inc.
Ellen R. and Jerry M. Jacobson
Karen E. Kennedy
David G. Koepp and Melissa Thomas
Jack Larson
The Bridges/Larson Foundation
Linda M. Lee
Stephen O. Lesser
Ellen D. and Robert B. Little
Lucasfilm Foundation
William McDonald
Jeffery J. Masino
Robert G. Meidel
Lawrence A. Mirisch
Mary P. and Leslie R. Naman
Chon A. Noriega and Kathleen A. McHugh
Edward and Linda Ornitz
PNC Bank Foundation
Kerry L. Reis
Janis B. Salin
Stephen N. Sauer
Janet M. Schnebel
Screen Actors Guild Inc.
Peter Seidler
Leah R. and Martin A. Sklar
Anne-Marie and Alex Spataru
Bonnie R. Stark
Karyn J. Taylor
Cheru Terefe and Konjit Bekele
Kevin M. Uriu
Gore J. Verbinski
Courtney Wagner
Natasha G. Wagner
William D. Ward
Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Kathleen W. and H. M. Webster
Lisa Wiegand
Elizabeth Woldemussie
Catherine J. Worthington and Kenneth A. Kragen

Diane Adams-Graf
Anne H. and Paul C. Ahrens
Michelle H. and Timothy T. Albaugh
Allan Arkush
Xorin Balbes
Chuck Baren
Lewis S. Baskerville
Elizabeth R. Beck
Nicholas P. Beck
Lois Becker
John L. Benson
Karin L. Bensusen
Georgia Bergman
Leah S. and Gregory M. Bergman
The W. and R. Bernheimer Family Foundation
Renne J. and Bruce L. Bilson
Julie R. Black
Michael Black
Peter E. Blau
Jerry H. Bledsoe
Bock Family Trust
Robert Boden
Harriet A. Bonn
Loretta C. Bonus
Gary L. Bowen and Ruth Preven
Barbara D. Boyle
Barbara A. and Robert T. Bray
Alan H. Brimfield
John M. Broadrick
Bonnie Bruckheimer
June M. Burke
Joan L. Caldwell
Canted Angle, Inc.
Anna Chi
Joy A. Chuck
Carol L. Clarke
The Clorox Company Foundation
Roger W. Coleman
Lewis A. Colick
David L. Colman
Susan W. Cope
Gloria W. Coppedge
Luis A. Cordero
Brian Courville
Winston S. Cutshall
Frank Darabont
Lisa Darr
Jon Davison
De Castro, West, Chodorow, Glickfed and Nass, Inc.
Donald De Line
Ann S. De Wolfe
George L. Dea and Janice T. Koyama
Helen I. Dearden
Deanna and Alan H. DeCherney
Deloitte and Touche Foundation
Jeanne M. and Joseph D. Deni
E. and M. Deutsch Gift Fund
Mary Lou and Harold A. Dietler
The Walt Disney Company Foundation
Ivy and Paul F. Dodwell
Molly W. Dolle
Thomas L. Doorley
Drafft Root Beer, Inc.
Madeleine R. Drake
Starletta E. Du Pois
Channing N. Dungey
Robert E. Durham
Robert Dyess
Sara H. Edwards
Shari and Jeffery G. Elias
Ira V. Ellenbogen
Barbara Enloe and Douglas L. Hadsell
Joanna E. Erdos
John T. Esaki
ExxonMobil Foundation
Mary R. and Scott D. Farrar
Kenneth R. Fause and Christie T. Davis
Phyllis W. and M. Jay Fibus
Gregg Fienberg
Linda W. Finocchiaro
Celia M. Fischer
Flagler and Flagler, P.C.
Laurie A. Fox
Curtis J. Freilich
Kimberly B. and Eric J. Friedman
Diane E. Frolov
Paul R. Garver
Leslie F. and Rick Gaylord
Robert M. George
Paul E. Girard
Eileen D. and John L. Gizienski
Arnie C. Glassberg
Wendy J. Gordon
Mimi Granados
Diane M. Grant
Karen S. and Eric W. Grenfell
Valentina and Marc Grossman
Dejene Habte-Mariam and Elizabeth Seifu
Shirley Hagey
Eleni Hailu and Shimelis Amare
Sondra and Gerry A. Hale
Thomas L. Harris
Lois R. and Norman T. Hatch
Todd A. Hawkins
Susan P. and Thomas N. Hemphill
Judd W. Hollander
Douglas D. Holthaus
Jennifer Hoppe and Adele House
Jan-Christopher Horak
Barbara A. Resnick-Horwitz and Daniel P. Horwitz
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Co.
Gale A. Hurd
Laurie H. Hutzler
International Al Jolson Society
Michael C. Iracondo
J. L. Fisher, Inc.
Thomas R. Jacobsen
Laurence D. Jacobson
David H. Johnson
Elaine D. Johnson
Richard T. Johnson
Daniel J. Jue
Denise L. and Andrew E. Katz
Shoshannah D. Katz and Kevin E. Schraven
Sheppard R. Kaufman
Javad Khakbaz
Susan M. and George Kinney
Kino Flo Inc.
Carol A. Schneiderman-Knee and Howard M. Knee
Hildegard T. Knoll
Lisa B. Kohn

Stanley R. Kyker
John F. Lane
Sherry F. and H. Richard Lane
Ondine A. Langford
Linda K. Larson
Jane M. and Peter LaScala
Emily Leider
Audrey D. and Peter Levin
Richard C. Lind
Linda L. and Eric O. Lindbeck
Cathleen F. Linder
Shelley A. Lyons
Caroline MacDougall
Emily R. Maier
Diana C. Mar
Robert Markowitz
Orlene L. Marshall
Ida M. Martin
Sebastian Mathews
John E. Matthews
Pauline A. and Roger L. Mayer
Whitney W. and Bruce Mc Cleery
Patrick McGuinn
Dianne B. and Richard D. McKay
Susan K. McKeehan and Daniel N. Frederick
Laura A. McMullen
Gary S. Meade
Mary Megowan
Keith J. Mehlinger
Gabrielle E.and Jeffery E. Miller
Hillary Miller
Deborah Mills-Wilker
Alan R. Milner
Phyllis S. Minick
Frederick O. Mitchell
Soyla Z. and Mansour Moinpour
Wanda L. and Russell E. Molari
Gregory Moline
Darryl Mori
Elaine D. and Irwin Moskowitz
Richard E. Mount
Rebecca B. Myers
Kathy Najimy
Brian K. Nelson
Laura J. and Donald S. Nemcek
NRG Energy, Inc.
Tanya T. Nuss
Jon T. O'Neal
Antonio G. Ortiz
Maureen A. O'Toole
Dauray T. and John P. Owens
Mishelle S. Ross-Owens and Leon J. Owens
Thomas J. Ozanich
John Parbst
Jonathan R. Parker
Sara E. Parros and Keith B. Davis
Bradley J. Paul
James E. Pearce
Scott M. Pease
Dorothea G. Petrie
Wendy M. and Robert C. Phillips
George T. Pletts
Elizabeth M. and Manuel Porto
Michael C. Pounds
Douglas C. Pray
Paula D. and Luis R. Ramos
Nancy B. Reck
Cathleen A. and Peter L. Reiher
Ann S. and Gene Reynolds
Donald R. Riehl
Patti A. Riva
Barbara Robertson
Nicolette K. Robinson
Richard E. Rogers
Law Offices of Gordon J. Rose
Susan E. and Robert J. Rosser
Rand Rusher
Robin U. Russin
Jay and Linda Sandrich
Sue Schaffner
Linda Schaller
Ronnie Schell
Richard Schickel
David H. Schmutz
Roselyn K. Scott
Sondra E. Scott
Scott D. Seiffert
Paul F. Selfa and Eve Spencer
David B. Shapiro and Andrea J. Ruff
Kimo W. Shearin
Michael Shonk
Nedra G. and James A. Shunk
Steven Simon
Dean W. Smith
Lisa P. and Jeffrey J. Smith
Pamela and James M. Snodgrass
Susan C. and David S. Snyder
Marcella and Dante Spinotti
Sports Leadership Group
Michelle N. Stann
Sheri L. and Christopher M. Starr
Karin and Steven J. Stern
Robert A. Sternin
Guy N. Stocks
Angela K. and James A. Strain
Carol L. and Ronald J. Streibich
Murray Suid
Surf City Lane Rentals
Teck S. Tan
Anne Tannen and J. Shields
Martin C. Taylor
A. S. Thomas Memorial Fund Inc.
Benjamin A. Thompson and Ann Petit
Steve C. Tubbs
David Ullendorff
Betty and Jim Veras
Patricia S. and Richard Walter
James K. Ward
Jill W. and Eric A. Weinlein
Mary C. and Terrence S. Welch
Mike L. Werb
Cecilia J. Wilmott
Elizabeth A. and John T. Wilson
John M. Winslow
Virginia E. Witherow
Joy G. and Wells K. Wohlwend
Fred Wolf Films
Wolfen Family Foundation
Billy C. Woo
Christopher Wrather
John W. Young
Elizabeth Ziff