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In celebration of our graduates, we are planning to have an in-person commencement ceremony for the TFT graduating class of 2023. For everyone’s safety, we will follow COVID guidelines and will implement protocols accordingly. We will also continue to review developments in public health protocols and university COVID guidelines, which may determine if we need to make alternate plans. We will notify the students if changes are needed. Please keep continue to check this page for any updates on the 2023 TFT Commencement. Congratulations to our graduates, their family and friends.


Royce Hall


At this time, Commencement tickets are required for guests to enter Royce Hall, as this is a private event. Graduating students do NOT need tickets, but will need to bring their student identification card to enter the student check-in area.




  • 2022 — Troy Kotsur
  • 2021 — Nilo Cruz
  • 2019 — Pierce Brosnan
  • 2018 — Carl Franklin
  • 2017 — Ava DuVernay
  • 2016 — Channing Dungey
  • 2015 — Kevin Beggs
  • 2014 — Jane Fonda
  • 2013 — Cathy Schulman
  • 2012 — Ron Meyer
  • 2011 — Barbara Boxer
  • 2010 — Peter Guber


Undergraduate Students
B.A. graduates from Fall 2022 and Winter 2023, B.A. candidates for Spring 2023 who have completed 160 units by the end of Winter 2023, and B.A. candidates for Summer 2023 who have completed 150 units by the end of Winter 2023.

Graduate Students
Masters and Ph.D. graduates from Fall 2022 and Winter 2023; Masters and Ph.D. candidates for Spring or Summer 2023.


If you plan to walk in the 2023 TFT Commencement ceremony and/or want to ensure your name is listed in the TFT Commencement program, you MUST register by logging into the TFT intranet. Information about registering for the 2023 TFT Commencement will be sent to TFT students in late Winter Quarter/early Spring Quarter.

Registering for Commencement does not confirm that you have completed all of the necessary steps to receive your degree. Undergraduates still need to declare degree candidacy and perform all steps needed to graduate. Please see your counselor if you have questions.


Undergraduate Candidates
You must identify the term you expect to complete degree requirements by logging on to myUCLA. This should be done prior to completing 160 units. The identified term must fall within the academic year (four quarters) subsequent to the term in which you reach or expect to reach 160 units.

After completing 160 or more units, a fee will be assessed by URSA each time the "degree expected term" is changed. Any changes should be done by assessing myUCLA. If you are a current-term or past-term candidate over the unit limit, you can only change your "degree expected term." You must use the declaration of candidacy form on the UCLA Registrar's Office website for this purpose.

If you do not complete all degree requirements in your "degree expected term," you must declare a new degree term.

Graduate Candidates
You should make an appointment to meet with your academic counselor to declare your candidacy.


Who is eligible to receive recognition for honors at Commencement?

Only undergraduate students may receive recognition of Honors (Latin Honors) in the Commencement program based upon your cumulative UC GPA at the end of Winter 2023. Undergraduate students graduating with honors will be designated in the program as follows: summa cum laude (4.0 GPA) and cum laude (3.917 GPA). Magna cum laude will not be awarded for the 2022‐2023 academic year. For recognition in the program, the total number of UC graded units is not considered. However, to receive recognition for Latin Honors on your diploma and final transcript, you must have met the cumulative GPA requirements and have completed at least 90 graded UC units by the end of your final quarter. If you believe you will eligible for honors upon completion of your program, please see your academic advisor in 103 East Melnitz.

Where do I order my cap and gown?

Caps and gowns may be purchased online from Graduation Etc. For more information and to order online, visit the UCLA Store website then go to Graduation Etc.

What color tassel and/or hood will I be wearing?

TFT B.A. recipients will wear a brown tassel. TFT M.F.A. recipients will wear a black tassel and a brown hood. TFT M.A. recipients will wear a black tassel and a white hood. TFT Ph.D. recipients will wear an old gold tassel and a royal blue hood. Additional information about this can be found on the UCLA Store website.

Will there be a rehearsal?

There is no rehearsal for the TFT Commencement. Students will be given instructions when they arrive at Royce Hall on commencement day.

Where should I park?

All appropriate parking lots will be open during Commencement weekend. UCLA Parking Services will staff lots according to ceremony times and locations. Parking Lot 5 is the closest parking lot to the TFT ceremony, and Parking Lot 3 is the closest to the reception following the ceremony. Pre-paid Commencement Parking Permits will be available for purchase in the UCLA Transportation lobby on Thursday, May 1st. Lobby hours are 7:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday. Accessible parking is available for disabled and elderly persons in many parking structures and lots.

Do you have any suggestions on how to avoid traffic?

UCLA wants your Commencement experience to be perfect from beginning to end. Depending upon the day and time of the event, the streets surrounding the campus can be congested. To help you avoid traffic congestion in the busy Westwood area following the conclusion of the Commencement ceremony:

405 (San Diego) Freeway: Avoid taking Sunset Boulevard to the 405 (San Diego) Freeway. Instead, travel south from the campus using Westwood Boulevard, Hilgard Avenue (to Westwood Boulevard), Gayley Avenue or Veteran Avenue. Turn right Santa Monica Boulevard (westbound) and enter the 405 from Santa Monica Boulevard.

10 (Santa Monica) Freeway: Take Sunset or Wilshire Boulevard EAST from the campus, turn right (southbound) on Beverly Glen, right again (westbound) at Olympic Boulevard, then left (southbound) on Overland Avenue. Enter the 10 Freeway from Overland Avenue.

How are the student speakers and Chancellor's Marshals selected?

The School selects two undergraduate students with the highest GPAs from each department. The valedictorian from each department has the opportunity to give the commencement address. All four students serve as Chancellor's Marshals for the ceremony and the School pays for their distinctive blue and gold fourrageres.

Who may wear the fourragere at Commencement?

The fourragere, a braided gold cord, is worn over the left arm at the shoulder and indicates that the wearer has been awarded or is a candidate for Latin Honors. In late May, the Registrar will supply Graduation Etc. with a list of those Spring 2023 and Summer 2023 candidates who, as of the end of Winter 2023, are determined to have met the criteria for graduation honors. The fourragere requires a deposit and may be picked up the last two weeks prior to the ceremony.


What happens on the day of Commencement?

Only students in appropriate academic attire will be allowed to participate in the ceremony. Graduates must check in by 12:45 p.m. at the Royce Hall west lobby. The processional will begin at 2:00 p.m. sharp. The program is expected to end around 3:50 p.m. NOTE: Please arrange to meet your guests in a specific location near Royce Hall at the end of the ceremony. Please also read the TFT Entry Policy and Royce Hall Security Measures, and have your guests read the following policies before entering Royce Hall:

The following items are NOT allowed during Commencement:

  • • No animals – except service animals required for a disability
  • • No noise makers – including thunder sticks, musical instruments, whistles, air horns, boom boxes and megaphones
  • • No balls, toys or sports equipment
  • • No balloons
  • • No banners, signs or flags
  • • No laser pointers
  • • No poles or sticks – including selfie sticks
  • • No monopods or tripods
  • • No glass, metal or hard plastic containers of any size
  • • No beverages, except water in a sealed container
  • • No hard- or soft-sided coolers of any size
  • • No food – except in cases of medical need, as certified by a physician
  • • No alcoholic beverages
  • • No food or drinks are allowed on Drake Track nor LATC Security Restrictions
  • • No scooters, skateboards skates and bicycles
  • • No firearms, knives, explosives or other weapons
  • • All Commencement venues have the authority to prohibit any other items deemed to be a security risk. Patrons will not be allowed to bring those items into the event venues

What about photography during the ceremony?

Pictures can only be taken from your seats. Access aisles must be kept clear for safety purposes.

Will there be a reception following the ceremony?

Immediately following the ceremony, the School of Theater, Film and Television will host a reception for its graduates and their guests on Coral Tree Walk in front of Macgowan Hall. For everyone’s safety, we will follow COVID guidelines and will implement protocols accordingly.

Are there provisions for people with disabilities?

If you or a person you are inviting has a disability and needs assistance to attend Commencement, please call the Center for Accessible Education at (310) 825-1501 or (310) 206-6083 (TDD) to receive information about parking and other assistance.


After I complete the requirements for my degree, when will my final transcript be available?

Official transcripts with graduation date included will be available for a fee within seven weeks after the end of your final term. You can order your transcripts through MyUCLA.

When and how will I get my diploma?

Diplomas will be available three to four months after the degree award date. The Registrar's Office will send you information about obtaining your diploma in person (no fee) or by mail (with appropriate fee) approximately seven weeks after the end of your final term. You may change your mailing address through MyUCLA. For diploma availability information, call the Diploma Hotline at (310) 825-8883. For more FAQs about diplomas, visit the UCLA Registrar's Office website.


Go to www.commencement.ucla.edu or see your departmental Student Service Advisor.