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UCLA TFT 2021 Graduate Celebration

Los Angeles Tennis Center
Friday, June 11, 2021
1:30 p.m.


Where will the in-person TFT Graduate Celebration activities take place?
The TFT celebration activities will be held in the Los Angeles Tennis Center (LATC) with a guest viewing area at Annenberg Stadium. The Los Angeles Tennis Center is located next to Pauley Pavilion and across from Drake Stadium. Annenberg Stadium is nearby just north of the Arthur Ashe Center and Ackerman Student Union.

How will the Graduate Celebrations in LATC work?
The TFT LATC celebration will consist of a graduate stage activity at LATC and a separate guest viewing area at Annenberg Stadium. Guests and graduates will initially check in together as a group at Annenberg. Then, while the guests remain seated in Annenberg to watch the celebration on a video board, the graduate will proceed to LATC for the start of the live stage activity. Annenberg will have restroom and they may not be in/out privileges at Annenberg. Following the LATC activity, graduates can meet back up with their guests outside of Annenberg Stadium.

I registered for the TFT Celebration, does that mean I have ordered my tickets for the event.
No. The registration for our event was to help with the School’s planning and calling of names for the day. As a person listed as a TFT graduate, you should have been contacted by the UCLA Central Ticket Office (CTO) in regards to ordering a virtual ticket for the event. If you did not get this request, please visit this Central Ticket Office page where you should be able to login and get your ticket. We see that a number of people who registered with TFT still have not registered for their tickets.

I only received one ticket. How do I get tickets for my guests?
There is only one virtual ticket for each graduate and the graduate’s two guests. Consequently, since there is only ONE ticket, the graduate and their two guests must check-in at the Annenberg Stadium together (you cannot arrive separately). If you do not have guests in your party, the graduate still has to check in at the Annenberg Stadium.

Will there be accessibility accommodations?
For accessibility accommodations, graduates should email and include the graduation celebration you will be attending and detail the accommodation you are requesting. Please email your request no later than 72 hours in advance of your scheduled graduation celebration time so we may try our best to meet your needs. TFT graduates should also contact Dean Dacumos ( to assure that accommodations are made for the celebration.

Are there prohibited items for entry?
Yes. The following items are not allowed in TFT Celebration:

  • • No animals – except service animals required for a disability
  • • No noise makers – including thunder sticks, musical instruments, whistles, air horns, boom boxes and megaphones
  • • No balls, toys or sports equipment
  • • No balloons
  • • No banners, signs or flags
  • • No laser pointers
  • • No poles or sticks – including selfie sticks
  • • No monopods or tripods
  • • No glass, metal or hard plastic containers of any size
  • • No beverages, except water in a sealed container
  • • No hard- or soft-sided coolers of any size
  • • No food – except in cases of medical need, as certified by a physician
  • • No alcoholic beverages
  • • No food or drinks are allowed on Drake Track nor LATC Security Restrictions
  • • No scooters, skateboards skates and bicycles
  • • No firearms, knives, explosives or other weapons
  • • All Commencement venues have the authority to prohibit any other items deemed to be a security risk. Patrons will not be allowed to bring those items into the event venues.


    Who qualifies to attend the TFT celebration?
    Undergraduate Students
    B.A. graduates from Fall 2020 and Winter 2021, B.A. candidates for Spring 2021 who have completed 160 units by the end of Winter 2021, and B.A. candidates for Summer 2021 who have completed 150 units by the end of Winter 2021.
    Graduate Students
    Masters and Ph.D. graduates from Fall 2020 and Winter 2021; Masters and Ph.D. candidates for Spring or Summer 2021.

    How do graduates register to participate in the Graduate Celebration?
    UCLA's Central Ticket Office (CTO) created a customized registration experience for all eligible graduates. Graduates will be contacted via email and myUCLA starting May 18 with detailed instructions on how to register for the e-ticketing system. Starting May 20 graduates will be able to log in to view the LATC celebrations and sign up for the TFT Celebration. Please contact your TFT Academic Counselor if you were not contact by the CTO to get tickets.

    How can a graduate include guests and how many can each graduate have?
    Each eligible graduate registration will include the option to bring up to two (2) guests to accompany them. At the LATC celebrations, guests view the LATC celebration at Annenberg Stadium. There is no separate guest registration or ticket. The graduate and the two guests will all check in at the same time and location. No guests will be permitted unless they are with their registered graduate.

    How early should graduates and their guests show up for the TFT Celebration?
    Graduates and guests should arrive between 30-60 minutes prior to the posted start time of the celebration. So by 12:30 p.m.-1:00 p.m. on Friday, June 11.

    Will graduates be seated at the LATC celebration?
    The TFT celebration will allow for pre-seating of graduates prior to lining up for the stage cross. Students will be seated by department and degree. While the graduates are seated, they will be able to hear from one live commencement speaker and view videos prepared by TFT.

    How long will the LATC celebrations take?
    The length of the Celebration could range from 1-2 hours.

    Will there be shaded seating?
    The LATC graduate and guest areas will not have shaded seating. In most cases, graduates will be exiting the LATC venue as soon as their name is called and guests may leave the Annenberg viewing area at this time as well. We suggest that graduates choose a location to meet their guests before heading to the celebration.

    Will the TFT faculty attend the celebration?
    A limited number of faculty may attend but they must comply with the protocols of wearing face coverings and maintaining a 6-foot physical distance at all times, including when student graduates cross the stage.

    What happens after the students crosses the stage?
    Following the name recognition, stage crossing, and photos, student graduates will exit the venue to minimize continued exposure. Student graduates will not be allowed to return to their seats after the stage crossing. For the video and livestream service, a concluding message can be played after the final student graduate crosses the stage.

    Will photos be taken?
    Yes. GradImages will be at the celebration to take graduate photos. Please take the card handed to you in order to retrieve your photo.

    Will 2021 TFT graduates who cannot attend the celebration be recognized?
    TFT does plan to recognize 2021 graduates who cannot attend either at the event and/or virtually.

    How will my family and friends be able to view the event online?
    Yes. We will update students once we have the information on where guests can view the celebration online.


    Will graduates and guests need to be vaccinated or tested in order to participate?
    Each graduate and guest who attends the TFT Graduate Celebration must either have been fully vaccinated at least 14 days prior to the event, or complete pre-event COVID-19 testing within 72 hours of the event, with negative results. Each graduate and guest wishing to participate in these celebrations must meet and show proof of one of the above criteria before gaining access to the events.

    What do graduates and guests need to bring to show proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test?
    For vaccination, a valid completed vaccination card, or picture of vaccination card, and a photo ID which matches the name on the vaccination card. For negative testing, official written notification of a negative test result with date of test along with a photo ID matching the test result. MASKS MUST BE WORN WHILE ON THE UCLA CAMPUS.

    Why is UCLA still requiring masks now that CDC rules have changed?
    Masks at graduation events are required in Los Angeles County. Out of an abundance of caution and respect to the numerous guests and families of all backgrounds and ages on campus during this time, UCLA will ask all individuals on the campus to continue to wear their mask except for posed graduate pictures and for live speakers on stage.

    Do children need to be vaccinated or show a negative test?
    Children 6 and up must show proof of vaccination or negative COVID test 72 hours before the event date.

    Can masks be taken off for graduate posed pictures and the stage crossing moment?
    A graduate can temporarily remove their mask during the stage crossing process, and guests and graduates from the same household may temporarily remove masks for the post-stage crossing group photo.

    Will UCLA offer any onsite testing?
    UCLA will not be able to offer onsite testing.

    Can students and guests from out-of-state attend?
    Pursuant to the latest guidance from Los Angeles County, out-of-state participants may attend if they are fully vaccinated. Students and guests traveling from outside of California will need to self-quarantine per public health guidelines.


    Where do I park?
    Students eligible to participate in the UCLA Graduate Celebration will be able to obtain up to two (2) complimentary parking permits for the day of their celebration program through the Bruin ePermit Portal beginning Tuesday, June 1 at 10:00 a.m. Any additional permits will be at the full daily visitor price and will be available in Parking Structure DD or SV using the Pay Stations or ParkMobile.

    • • General parking will be available in Parking Structures 4 and 7 for celebration events at Drake Stadium and the Los Angeles Tennis Center.
    • • Complimentary permits will be available through the last day of graduate celebrations.
    • • Separate transactions are required for each of the two (2) permits.
    • • Each permit will only be valid for one vehicle on the date selected. Permits are not transferrable.

    View the parking map and instructions for obtaining the parking permit(s).

    If you have questions, please contact UCLA Transportation at or (310) 794-7433.

    Where do I check-in?
    Graduates and their guests should check in at Wallis Annenberg Stadium. After check-in, graduates proceed to the Tennis Center’s Gate A. Guests can watch the celebration at Wallis Annenberg Stadium where the celebration will be live streamed.

    Will there be a reception following the celebration?
    No. There will not be a post celebration reception.

    Will campus restaurants or the UCLA Store be open during the in-person celebration days?
    Yes. The Ackerman Student Union will be open during the Graduate Celebration dates for limited retail and restaurant services. Additionally, walk up restaurants will be open at the Court of Sciences Student Center.

    Can graduates and guests take pictures at other campus landmarks while they are on campus for the in-person celebrations?
    The availability of campus for other activities will be dependent on the applicable University and public health agencies at the time of the event. Presuming the current trends continue the outdoor areas of campus would be open for photo opportunities, however mask wearing and social distancing will be a requirement.

    Will flowers be available for sale on campus during the Graduate Celebrations?
    Yes. There will be in-person outdoor flower booth sales on campus near the Graduate Celebration venues.


    Where do I order my cap and gown?
    Caps and gowns may be purchased on-line from the Graduation Etc. shop. For more information and to order online visit UCLA Store, then go to Graduation Etc. Students can have orders shipped or request in-store pickup, or purchase items at our Graduation Etc. store in Ackerman.

    What color tassel and/or hood will I be wearing?
    TFT B.A. recipients will wear a brown tassel. TFT M.F.A. recipients will wear a black tassel and a brown hood. TFT M.A. recipients will wear a black tassel and a white hood. TFT Ph.D. recipients will wear an old gold tassel and a royal blue hood.

    Who is eligible to receive recognition for honors at celebration?
    Only undergraduate students may receive recognition of Honors (Latin Honors) based upon your cumulative UC GPA at the end of Winter 2021. Undergraduate students graduating with honors will be designated in the program as follows: summa cum laude (3.946 GPA), magna cum laude (3.913 GPA) or cum laude (3.853 GPA). For recognition in the program, the total number of UC graded units is not considered. However, to receive recognition for Latin Honors on your diploma and final transcript, you must have met the cumulative GPA requirements and have completed at least 90 graded UC units by the end of your final quarter. If you believe you will eligible for honors upon completion of your program, please see your academic advisor.

    Who may wear the fourragere at the celebration?
    The fourragere, a braided gold cord, is worn over the left arm at the shoulder and indicates that the wearer has been awarded or is a candidate for Latin Honors. The fourragere requires a deposit and eligible students can ordered them from Graduation Etc.


    How do I declare and check degree candidacy?
    Undergraduate candidates
    You must identify the term you expect to complete degree requirements by logging on to myUCLA. This should be done prior to completing 160 units. The identified term must fall within the academic year (4 quarters) subsequent to the term in which you reach or expect to reach 160 units.

    After completing 160 or more units, a fee will be assessed by URSA each time the "degree expected term" is changed. Any changes should be done by assessing myUCLA. If you are a current-term or past-term candidate over the unit limit, you can only change your "degree expected term." You must use the declaration of candidacy form at for this purpose.

    If you do not complete all degree requirements in your "degree expected term," you must declare a new degree term.

    Graduate candidates
    You should make an appointment to meet with your academic counselor to declare your candidacy.


    After I complete the requirements for my degree, when will my final transcript be available?
    Official transcripts with graduation date included will be available for a fee within seven weeks after the end of your final term. You can order your transcripts though MyUCLA.

    When and how will I get my diploma?
    Diplomas will be available three to four months after the degree award date. The Registrar's Office will send you information about obtaining your diploma in person (no fee) or by mail (with appropriate fee) approximately seven weeks after the end of your final term. You may change your mailing address through MyUCLA. For diploma availability information, call the Diploma Hotline at (310) 825-8883. For more answers about diplomas, go to the Diploma Availability and Release page of the UCLA Registrar's Office website.


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