International Documentary Salon

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World famous documentary film-maker and TFT Professor Marina Goldovskaya personally selects top notch documentaries from around the world for the edification of students and the TFT community at large.

Below are a few of the documentaries that have been featured in this series:

"DARWIN" (2011)

By Nick Brandestini. “DARWIN” is a documentary film about an isolated community at the end of a weathered road in Death Valley, California. Propelled from society by tragic turns, the people of Darwin (population 35) must now find ways to coexist in a place without government, a church, jobs or children.

“Valentino: The Last Emperor” (2009)

Produced and directed by Matt Tyrnauer, “Valentino: The Last Emperor” is an intimate fly-on-the-wall exploration of the singular world of one of Italy’s most famous men and provides a first-time glimpse into Valentino’s world of bygone glamour.

“Fighting for Life” (2008)

By Terry Sanders."Fighting for Life" follows American military doctors, nurses and medics on the front lines of the Iraq War, young wounded soldiers and marines determined to survive and to heal, and students of USU, the "best medical school no one's ever heard of," on their journey toward becoming career military physicians.