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The Professional Program in Writing for Television features an admissions process based on supporting application materials. The prerequisite is that applicants must possess an undergraduate Bachelor's degree. Once we have received a complete application, the applicant will be notified of admission status via email within 10 business days. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide a working email address with the application. Our recommendation is to avoid using a Hotmail address for the purposes of this program; our experience is that students using Hotmail often do not receive emails from UCLA.

For an explanation of the application and payment process, please click on the appropriate link below.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: If you are a non-native English speaking student, please be advised that our writing programs are intensive and that all work must be submitted in English. A sufficient command of the English language is necessary to participate in our writing courses. For information on obtaining a visa for this program, please click on the International Students link below.

Writing for Television Application Procedure
Tuition Cost and Payment Process
Refund Policy
International Students - Visa Information

Student Code of Conduct

Writing for Television Application Procedure

Please read the application instructions carefully. Consideration will be given to whether or not the applicant followed these instructions.

Applicants to the Professional Program in Writing for Television must submit a completed application form via fax or mail. Per University policy, applications will not be accepted via email.

Professional Program in Writing for Television -- Application Form

Along with the application form, applicants must submit the three items listed below. Please do not send your reel, head shot, or letters of recommendation. Those items will be disposed of upon receipt. Please be sure to proofread all of your work and correct any and all typographical errors.

5 page Writing Sample
Teleplay format is preferred, however we will accept any sample that demonstrates your narrative storytelling abilities, as well as character interaction and conflict. If you do not have a teleplay, we will accept stage plays or short stories as alternatives. If you submit five pages from a teleplay, those pages may come from any point in the script as long as they are consecutive.

Examples of writing samples that we are not looking for are outlines for screenplays and teleplays, treatments, poems, articles, or journal/blog entries.

1 page Statement of Purpose
Your Statement of Purpose is simply a short essay in which we'd like you to tell us a little about yourself, your writing experience and goals. Your Statement of Purpose should be one full page in length.

Undergraduate Bachelor's Transcript or Copy of Degree Certificate or DegreeVerify Certificate from National Student Clearinghouse
Although we do not take college grades into consideration, we require proof that an undergraduate Bachelor's degree has been conferred. Please provide a copy of your transcript (an unofficial copy is okay), OR a copy of your degree certificate, OR a DegreeVerify Certificate from National Student Clearinghouse. Alternatively, if you have an advanced degree such as an MFA, we will accept that transcript or certificate.

Tuition Cost and Payment Process

The tuition cost for the Professional Program in Writing for Television is $4500. Payments are collected in two installments: $1500 is charged upon admission to the program, with the balance of $3,000 normally due a few weeks prior to the start of the program (please see the application form for specific dates).

Applicants must provide payment information with their application. The second page of the application form includes a spot for credit card information (we accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover).

For the initial payment of $1,500, we will only accept credit cards. For the balance of $3,000, students pay with either a credit card or with a cashier's check or money orders. We do not accept personal checks.

IMPORTANT: There is no application fee for our programs. If an applicant is not admitted, the applicant will not be charged.

At this time, financial aid is not available for any of our courses. However, some banks offer private loans specifically for non-degree programs and will send the money to you upon verification of enrollment. Applicants interested in a private loan must first be enrolled in one of our programs and make their tuition payments directly to the Professional Programs office as described above. Do not apply for a loan that requires the lender to send the money to the university. Once you make your payments to the Professional Programs office, the lending bank will request proof of enrollment and/or a receipt. We can provide those items for you.

Please be advised that Sallie Mae loans are not available for the Professional Programs. If you have questions about this, please call (310) 825-6124.

GI BILL: Despite our repeated requests for our programs to qualify for the GI Bill, the VA has denied our applications. We hope that in the future the VA will allow for veterans to make use of their benefits when joining our courses.

Refund Policy

Applicants who would like to withdraw from the Professional Program in Writing for Television must do so in writing. Students may send a fax to (310) 206-7099 or simply email

The refund schedule is provided below. If you have questions about this policy, please call (310) 825-6124.

Applies to full tuition cost:

Professional Program in Writing for Television
100% refund if student withdraws by March 23, 2015
80% refund after March 23, 2015 and up to and including first day of second week of classes (April 6, 2015)
50% refund after April 6, 2015, and up to and including first day of third week of classes (April 13, 2015)
0% refund after April 13, 2015

International Students

If you are enrolled in the Professional Program in Writing for Television and need a J-1 visa, you will first need to apply for a UCLA DS-2019. The DS-2019 is the document that you'll bring to your local American consulate in order to obtain your visa. First, apply for the UCLA Professional Program in Writing for Television per the admission instructions. If you are admitted, you may request a DS-2019 application from us. At that point, you will need to complete the DS-2019 application and provide a number of supporting financial documents, as well as a copy of the photo page from your passport. We will send you instructions in an email. Please be advised that in order to qualify for a J-1, at least 51% of your expenses must be covered by a non-personal sponsoring party (i.e. an employer -- not family, or a friend, or yourself), and that sponsoring party will have to provide a letter indicating that they have agreed to provide you with financial support.

The deadline to apply for a DS-2019 is January 26, 2015, so international students are encouraged to apply for the Professional Program as early as possible.

Please be advised that there is a non-refundable $340 DS-2019 processing fee payable to UCLA. You will be charged this fee once your DS-2019 is processed. In addition, please be aware that students entering the United States on a J-1 visa must first pay a $200 SEVIS fee to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

If you have questions, please send an email to