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BONITA M. ALFORD wrote the animated TV pilot "Wanda West" for Klasky Corp. She also wrote an episode of "Girlfriends" for UPN, and was hired to write the feature "Once in a Lifetime" for MRS Films.

EYAL ALONY co-wrote the film "Silk," directed by Catherine Dent and starring Oscar nominee and Emmy winner Shohreh Aghdashloo.

MICHAEL ARMBRUSTER wrote the feature film "Beautiful Boy," starring Michael Sheen and Maria Bello.

MARC ARNESON's script "Just Peck" wrapped up production. The indie comedy stars Marcia Cross, Adam Arkin, and Camryn Manheim.

SHANNON BRADLEY sold her script "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" to Mark Canton/Warner Bros. She sold her TV pilot "Jupiter & Mars" to Fox Family and her cartoon pilot "Terrible Twos" to Disney. She also wrote the MOW "The Cottage Cheese Wars" for the Disney Channel, and the MOW "The Blue Lagoon Sequel" for Zaden/Maron and TBS.

JOSH BYCEL is writer/executive producer on the SyFy show "Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)." Previously he was executive producer/showrunner on "Scrubs." He sold his pitch "Bass Kickers" to MGM, and sold his screenplay "Days of Summer" to Seventh Art. Josh also sold his TV pilot "The Graveyard Shift" to NBC, and his pilot "Generation MTV" to MTV. His screenplay "Kid Gloves" was optioned by Dustin Hoffman's production company. Josh's credits include "Psych," "American Dad," "Veronica's Closet," "Bette," and "Andy Barker, P.I.".

CHRIS CAMACHO sold his screenplay "The Final Game" to Alliance Pictures.

LISA CARUSO wrote, directed, and produced "Intimate Portrait: Erin Brockovich" and "Intimate Portrait: Dana Delany" for Lifetime Television, as well as "Katie Couric: The E! True Hollywood Story" for E!

PAUL CASTRO sold his screenplay "August Rush" to Southpaw Entertainment. The film stars Robin Williams and Keri Russell. Paul was also hired to write a contemporary take on Victor Hugo's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" for Ovation Films. He sold his screenplay "A Gift For Mom" to Southpaw Entertainment.

BILL CLUVERIUS wrote episodes of "X-Men: Evolution". He also wrote an episode of "The Mummy: The Animated Series".

ROBERT COCHRANE sold his script "The Playaz Court" to Artisan Entertainment.

BARBARA COVINGTON wrote episodes of "Little Men" for PAX. She was also a staff writer on "Mysterious Ways" and "The Collector".

BRADY DAHL wrote two episodes of the hit FX television show "Sons of Anarchy."

FRANK DENSON sold his MOW "Engagement Ring" to CBS.

BRIAN FAGAN wrote an episode of "Law & Order: SVU" starring Taryn Manning of "Hustle & Flow" and David Patrick Kelly of "The Warriors."

MICHAEL FERRARI optioned his script "Warhawks" to Lee Friedlander & Associates. Michael's script "The Saint of Lorain" was optioned by Neverland Films.

TRAVIS FINE wrote the feature film "The Space Between" starring Academy Award winner Melissa Leo. The film premiered at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival and aired on USA Network on September 11, 2011. The script was written in a Professional Program workshop. Travis also wrote the film "Any Day Now," which took home the Audience Award at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival.

CINDY DAVIS HEWITT sold her screenplay "This Is Not a Toy" to Miramax. She also wrote the English translations of "Howl's Moving Castle" and "Spirited Away," and sold her pitch "None of Her Business" to Mosaic Media Group.

SUSAN HURWITZ ARNESON is a writer on "South Park."

LAURIE HUTZLER optioned her script "Lorraine Loses It" to Waldo Productions. She was also a staff writer on "Chicken Soup for the Soul" and she sold her MOW "Anna" to Vin DiBona Productions. Laurie wrote an episode of of the Paul Haggis-created TV series "The Black Donnellys."

SHANNON JIMENEZ optioned her script "Wild Beauty" to Knight Company. Shannon also optioned her script "Sharing Sharon" to Texas Flix.

BERKLEY JOHNSON won an Emmy for writing for "Late Night With Conan O'Brien." Berkley now writes for "New Girl."

DAVE JOHNSON sold his pitch "Man Wedding" to New Regency. He also sold his pitch "Sweet Child of Mine" to Paramount, and an untitled comedy pitch to 20th Century Fox. Dave was also a writer on the TV show "Jake 2.0".

E.L. KATZ sold his screenplay "Zombie Pet Shop" to The Animation Picture Company. The script will be developed as a 3D animated feature. It was written in a Professional Program workshop.

BRIAN KING sold his screenplay "The Company Man" to Pandora Films.

SHAUN KOSTA wrote and is directing the feature film "The Republic of Two," starring Janet Montgomery of "Black Swan" and "Our Idiot Brother."

CHRIS KYLE was hired to write a prequel to "The Little Mermaid" for Disney Animation.

EMMY LAYBOURNE wrote "Kung Fu Magoo," starring Chris Parnell.

CHUCK LOCH sold his pilot "Samurai Tourist" to Meeting Point Productions.

CARMEN MADDEN wrote and directed the film "Everyday Black Man."

MARK MALLOUK sold his screenplay "A Killer Routine" to RAW Progress.

MARC MAURINO sold his screenplay "Inside the Machine" to CBS Films. The script was written in a Professional Program workshop.

DAN MAZEAU sold his screenplay "Land of Lost Things" to Paramount Pictures' Nickelodeon Movies. Arnold and Anne Kopelson ("Seven"; "The Devil's Advocate") will produce. Dan has also been hired to bring 'Jonny Quest' to the big screen for Warner Bros.

SEAN MCCONVILLE wrote and directed the feature film "Deadline," starring Brittany Murphy and Thora Birch.

CINDY MCCREERY sold her screenplay "Soccer Mom" to New Line Cinema. She also sold her pitch "The Powder Puff Girls" to Disney, her script "Maria Pepe" to Nickelodeon, and her script "Unplugged" to The Disney Channel. Cindy has written "Free Willy 4" for Warner Bros. and a remake of "Baby Boom" for MGM.

WENDY DIANE MILLER sold her thriller spec screenplay to Relativity Media. Michael De Luca is producing via his Sony-based De Luca Productions banner. MTV produced Wendy's spec screenplay "The Truth Below," which was written in a Professional Program workshop.

WAYNE MOGILEFSKY sold his screenplay "True West" to RKO Pictures.

STEPHANIE MOORE sold her MOW "Life-Size" to ABC/Disney (starring Lindsay Lohan and Tyra Banks). She was subsequently hired to write "Life-Size 2".

JOHN PATRICK NELSON sold his screenplay "Bounty" to MGM.

JASON NUTT's screenplay "Balls to the Wall," which was written in a Professional Program workshop, is an in-production feature directed by Penelope Spheeris ("Wayne's World").

CHRISTOPHER ODOM wrote, directed, and produced "The 23rd Psalm."

J.T. O'NEAL wrote, directed, and produced "Au Pair, Kansas," starring Traci Lords.

BONNIE ORR optioned her script "The Suzanne Brown Story" to Visionaries. She also optioned her script "The Oprah Effect" to Studio Estates, and her script "God Forsaken" to Flip Flop Films.

PATRICK PEREZ is a writer on the Fox TV program "Desire".

FERNLEY PHILLIPS sold "The Number 23" to New Line Cinema. Joel Schumacher, Jim Carrey, and Virginia Madsen starred in the film. Fernley has also sold his pitch "Turn" to Radar Pictures, has been hired to adapt the novel "Memory of Demons" for New Line, and has worked on a re-imagined version of "Altered States" for Warner Bros. He is currently penning a remake of the Colombian horror film "Al final del espectro" for Nicole Kidman.

DAVID PLILER wrote the feature "Forever Strong," starring Sean Astin and Gary Cole.

PABLO PO optioned his script "The New Home" to Raintree Pictures.

JAMES PONSOLDT co-wrote and directed the Sundance film "Smashed" starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Golden Globe winner Octavia Spencer, and Emmy winner Aaron Paul.

JAMES RAYMOND sold "Country Girl" to Regency. Wendy Finerman is producing. Hillary Duff is attached to star. "Country Girl" received an Honorable Mention in the annual Professional Programs screenplay competition.

ERICA ROTHSCHILD sold her screenplay "Birthday Boy" to Disney. Erica was also a staff writer on "Greetings from Tucson".

ALI RUSSELL sold her pitch "Isis" to Kelsey Grammer's Paramount-based Gramment Productions. The project is based on the "Legend of Isis" comic books.

LISA SCHRAGER has been hired to write a feature film based on the rise and fall of the man who created Chippendales, with Tony Scott on board to produce and direct. Lisa also sold her pitch "Pay the Girl" to Paramount (Nicole Kidman attached to star), as well as her pitch "My Brand New Family" to Sony, and her pitch "Gangsta Bitches" to Jersey Films/Universal. Lisa sold her screenplay "The Rubber Shoe Dance" to Neil Moritz/Original Films, and her screenplay "The Lauren Schwartz Story" to All Girl Productions. She also wrote the TV pilot "The Real Roxanne" for UPN and Big Ticket TV.

LISANNE SARTOR optioned her script "Practice Child" to Hearst Entertainment. She also wrote the Lifetime movie "Cleaverville."

JASON SCHAFER sold his screenplay "Trick" to Fine Line Features (starring Tori Spelling); Jason has also written six episodes of "Queer as Folk".

TOM SCHLEGEL optioned his scripts "Crossroaders" and "The Godmother" to Waller Film Company.

HUGH STERBAKOV sold his screenplay "Scorned" to Disney. He was also a writer on "Robot Chicken: Star Wars."

ANTHONY STITT optioned his script "The Curse of Old Bob" to Enterprise Entertainment.

MICHAEL TABB sold his screenplay "Troy" to Mark Canton/Warner Bros. and wrote the adaptation "7th Portal" for Canton/WB.

DAVID WAGNER and BRENT GOLDBERG sold their pitch "The Girl Next Door" to New Regency and Fox. They subsequently wrote the film, which starred Elisha Cuthbert. David and Brent also wrote "Van Wilder" starring Ryan Reynolds, "Underclassman" starring Nick Cannon, and "My Baby's Daddy" starring Eddie Griffin. The duo also sold their pitch "The Other Guy" to Disney.

JENNIFER WHARTON sold her pilot "5,6,7,8" to Debbie Allen/Fox Family, and her pilot "Liberty" to Jason Alexander/MTV. She was also a staff writer and story editor on "Touched By An Angel".

RICK WILLIAMS has been a staff writer on "American Dad!".

STEPHEN WOLF optioned his script "Triage" to Emmy-nominated producer Howard Dratch.

TRAVIS WRIGHT wrote scripts for "Eagle Eye" starring Shia LaBeouf, and the upcoming remakes of "The Warriors" for Paramount, and Warner Brothers' "Clash of the Titans." He recently sold the original pilot "Reborn" to Cartoon Network Movies and founded Beyond Comics, a writer-driven graphic novel and gaming company whose THE END OF CHIVALRY premieres at Comic Con 2009.

MAISHA YEARWOOD sold her pitch "Till Death Do Us Part" to Fox 2000. She also sold her screenplay "Ladies Night" to Artisan Entertainment, and she's developing the feature "Two Year Mark" for 20th Century Fox, with Halle Berry attached to star. Maisha also wrote the TV pilot "No Rents" for Warner Bros./Fox, and the pilot "Christopher" for Nickelodeon.