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The M.F.A. in Film and Television specializing in Producing

The UCLA TFT M.F.A. degree program in Film and Television specializing in Producing is a two-year graduate program designed for creative individuals who wish to pursue careers as creative producers and executives in the entertainment industry. The Producers Program features world-class faculty comprised of studio and network presidents, Oscar and Emmy-winning producers, top entertainment lawyers, and agents and internationally renowned scholars.

Distinguished producing alumni include:

Donald De Line
Executive Producer, Fox’s Wayward Pines

Channing Dungey
President, ABC Entertainment

Laeta Kalogridis
Executive Producer, Avatar

Janet Leahy
Executive Producer, AMC’s Mad Men

Frank Marshall
Executive Producer, Jason Bourne and Jurassic World

Vanessa Morrison
President, Fox Animation Studios

Beatrice Springborn
Head of Original, Hulu

Darren Star
Executive Producer, Sex and the City

A breakdown of the M.F.A. degree program specializing in Producing is below.

First Year
The first year of the program lays the foundation for the work the students will be conducting in their second year. Students learn the basics of producing: from inception of an idea through development, procuring talent and financing to planning and executing a production to marketing and distribution of the final product. Producers have to be able to conceptualize and oversee the entire life cycle of a creative project, and the Producer Program's curriculum reflects just that.

Second Year
In their second year producing students apply the knowledge they have gained in the first year to a concrete project in the "Research & Development I-III" (R&D) series. Having optioned a screenplay at the end of their first year, students will further develop that project and design a financing strategy that is realistic in the contemporary marketplace.

Thesis Requirement
Producers Program students complete a two-part thesis that culminates their education in the Program. The thesis consists of a professional-length feature or television project that the student intends to produce upon completion of the Program and a production experience — typically a short film produced while enrolled in the Program.

Additional information about the M.F.A. degree program in Producing can be found on the M.F.A. Producer Program webpage.

Jobs that can be obtained with an M.F.A. degree in Producing include:

• Creative producing/feature film preparation
• Feature film financing
• Feature film development
• New media positions
• Production company ownership
• Television development
• Television executive positions
• Producing for the web
• Producing video games