Welcome to the Mediascape Blog!

Welcome to the launch of the Mediascape Blog! The blog is a forum for UCLA graduate students to interact with the larger theater, film, and television community about media-related topics. It’s a place to discuss ideas, share opinions, and give feedback on each other’s work. As the blog grows and develops it will offer a variety of ways to keep up with and add to the latest in moving image and media studies. To support this, contributors are encouraged to work with multimedia elements (video, audio, still images, etc.) in their posts.

Although the Mediascape Blog is primarily for UCLA graduate students and faculty, we welcome submissions from scholars and writers outside UCLA. Submissions do not need to be rigorously formal, but should display sound argumentation, clarity, and creative thinking. For full submission guidelines, please click on the “Blog Submissions” link in the right-hand navigation bar, or click here.

We have been particularly fortunate this year to work with our three talented staff writers: Jessica Fowler, Cliff Galiher, and Brandon Harrison. They have contributed very thoughtful pieces that you will see here regularly over the coming weeks, and we hope that you not only enjoy reading these pieces but also take part in discussing them in the comments section of each post. We’ll be updating the blog weekly with new posts, and we anticipate that updates will become more frequent as we receive more submissions over the next months, so check back often!

Since we’ve just launched, you may run into occasional bugs on the site. Please email us if you do—we appreciate your help in making sure the blog is running smoothly.

If you have any questions, comments, or issues to report, you can click on “Contact Us” in the right-hand navigation bar, or email us at mediascapeblog@gmail.com.

—Karrmen Crey and J.M. Olejarz, Blog Editors

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