Interview with Steve Wiebe of ‘The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters’ (Part 2)

Steve Wiebe is the underdog protagonist of the cult documentary The King of Kong (2007), which chronicles his quest to capture the Donkey Kong world record from his eccentric and scheming rival, Billy Mitchell. In part one of our interview, Andrew Myers asked Wiebe to reflect on his participation in the film. Now, in the second half of the interview, Wiebe recalls how his life was affected in the aftermath of the film and talks about what makes classic arcade gaming so compelling. This interview was conducted by phone in January 2012.

“The Kong Off by 3henchmen (via YouTube)

Andrew Myers: In the years since the film came out, how has your life been affected from your participation in the film? I assume a lot of people that you know have seen the film. Do you feel that the people in your social relationships see you any differently after being in this movie? Or what other consequences has it had on your life?

Steve Wiebe: I think my friends still see me for who I am. They kind of joke around and call me “Hey King” and stuff. So it’s kind of funny. I’ll get recognized in public here and there. There’s definitely people who have been influenced or touched by the film that have reached out and emailed, and sent letters and things. I’ve been able to go to events, people will call me or email me and ask me to appear at an event that they have. So I definitely see that it has impacted a lot of people. I have great times meeting different people and experiencing that. Continue reading “Interview with Steve Wiebe of ‘The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters’ (Part 2)” »