Interview with Steve Wiebe of ‘The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters’ (Part 1)

Steve Wiebe is the underdog protagonist of the cult documentary The King of Kong (2007), which chronicles his quest to capture the Donkey Kong world record from his eccentric and scheming rival, Billy Mitchell. Andrew Myers recently had the chance to conduct this phone interview with Wiebe about his participation in the film.

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Andrew Myers: How did you get involved in the film? From what you were told when you agreed to be filmed on this journey, what were your expectations about how you would be portrayed and how the film would affect your life?

Steve Wiebe: My friend who appears in the film, Mike Thompson, is a screenwriter and he’s pretty savvy on what is material for movies or stories. We’d have barbecues and get-togethers and I would tell him all the current happenings in the Donkey Kong world. When I explained that the guys came to my house to check out my machine [an early plot point of the film], he couldn’t believe that it had reached that extreme. So he thought this has got to be a story that can be told. And he knew some documentary people that were doing a documentary on the New York Dolls and they were finishing it up—they were in post-production, doing all the editing and basically looking for new material—so he left. His name was Ed Cunningham, and he went to the University of Washington. I didn’t know him personally but I went to the University of Washington too. So he told Ed about my story and Ed was intrigued. Then they started rolling a few months after that. Continue reading “Interview with Steve Wiebe of ‘The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters’ (Part 1)” »