Production Screening Room

Location: Melnitz 2586

The Production Screening Room is a popular smaller theater for production students. It is also popular for guest speakers, guest lecturers and daily screenings of movies on DVD. It features a beautiful wall-mounted 65“ Panasonic plasma display (the largest plasma screen in the department) and a professional JBL 5.1 surround sound system. A machine rack at the front of the room has a DVD player (5.1 sound), 3-system VCR (stereo sound), Laserdisc player (stereo sound) and a SONY DSR-11 DVCam deck (stereo, and switch-able from PAL to NTSC), all of which are connected to a receiver that runs to the room’s projector and sound system.

There is also an Apple G5 PowerPC computer with Final Cut Studio and Powerpoint and an Internet connection. At the base of the machine rack, there are additional VGA, DVI and stereo mini cables attached to a switch-box, should a presenter wish to connect their own personal laptop to the projector. Instructions for using the decks, receiver, projector and laptop switch-box are written on the machine rack and on the remote controls for the relevant devices.

The projection booth also features a 16mm film projector. A medium-sized motorized screen can be lowered in front of the 65” Panasonic plasma if a class wishes to project film in the room, but usually this motorized screen is left up. There is a small white-erase board on wheels for professors to do their lectures, and the room has permanent theater-style audience seating for 30.

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Rand Soares
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