wide shot of pro tools mixing room

Mixing Rooms

Mix 1: Pro Tools Room

Location: Melnitz 2548

Mix 1: Pro Tools Room is an Avid Pro Tools Sound Editing classroom prioritized for use by students enrolled in the 452C graduate sound class. The Pro Tools teacher connects a projector to demonstrate Pro Tools software techniques on screen to the class. At other times, this room serves as a production sound transfer and sound editing space, especially dialogue/production sound editing and sound effects editing.

Mix 1 features a Pro Tools HD system (PCI-X) with a 192 Digital I/O, Sync I/O and a Dual 1GHz G4 PowerPC computer. The station also features the HD1 Kit of Plugins and Digitranslator for converting OMF files from video projects into Pro Tools projects. There is also a rack-mounted DAT deck and a Nagra available for students to use when transferring production sound. Like all our sound rooms, Mix 1 no longer relies on tape for playback of picture. Rather this room uses playback of Quicktime movies through Firewire DV Conversion and out to a standard definition NTSC TV monitor for external video guide, making it possible to edit sound at various frame rates, including true 24fps.

soundboard and keyboard

Mix 2: Soundtrack Pro Room

Location: Melnitz 2558

Mix 2: Soundtrack Pro Room has been redesigned to establish a classroom and recording space that is entirely dedicated to using the Final Cut Studio 2 applications for sound, especially Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack Pro. The original projection booth of this theater was redesigned with wall treatments to become a small Voice Over and Foley recording booth.

foley pits

The booth contains a microphone and stand, lines to the theater, a set of eight Foley pits and surfaces, quiet incandescent lighting, a 22” flat widescreen display for watching playback of picture. The display has a built-in webcam which sends an image of the talent in the booth to the recordist in the main theater.

The theater/control room features three 22” flat widescreen displays in a row: One for the software application, another for full screen playback of picture and a third for watching the booth’s webcam. The theater also has large JBL stereo speakers, a Mac Pro computer with Final Cut Studio 2 and a Mackie ONYX board which powers and mixes the booth microphones, provides talkback for the recordist to the talent in the booth and interfaces with the apple computer via firewire.