John Candy Room

Location: Melnitz A405

The John Candy Room is both a classroom and an audio recording and mixing space. It features both Final Cut Studio and Pro Tools LE, with a Digidesign Digi002 Rack with Control|24 digital mixing console. The room is capable of 5.1 monitoring. The Candy Room features a small sound booth, used for ADR voice-over recording and small musical instrument performances. Headphone monitoring in the booth provides talent with a stereo feed (including talkback from the main room) while maintaining a quiet recording environment.

For recording in sync to picture, the Candy Room’s Apple Mac Pro computer routes playback of quicktime movies to two TV monitors (a small TV in booth and a large, wide-screen 50” Panasonic plasma, mounted on the wall in the control room). With just a click of the remote, the Panasonic 50” Plasma screen can switch from video playback to a VGA line from the computer to allow teachers to demonstrate different software techniques to the class on the big screen.

There is a MIDI keyboard in the main control room, which can be used to program and play voices in the application Garageband for basic digital music recording. The Candy Room serves as a training ground for students to learn some of the same digital mixing techniques used on mixes in the Re-Recording Stage.