FX Room / Group Edit

Location: Melnitz 2467

The FX Room/Group Edit is a specialized edit suite with a Mac Pro computer loaded with OS X, Final Cut Studio, Shake and AfterEffects. The room also features dual Apple Cinema HD displays (wide-screen 23” flat-panels). FX/Group Edit is the only edit suite at UCLA TFT that can be reserved for exclusive use by a group or class for a short period of time. Permission for a class or group project to have exclusive use of this room must be granted in advance through an agreement between the vice chair of production, director of Melnitz operations and the digital post-production manager. When the time allowed to the group project has expired, all class-related media on the computer is permanently erased and the room is prepared for the next class or group project.

Access to these rooms is generally by supervised appointment only or via special agreement, and access is limited to graduate production students requiring use of these tools who have made appointments in advance with post production staff.