Mac computers in Digital Media Lab

Digital Media Lab (The Bullpen)

Location: Melnitz 2544

The Digital Media Lab is more commonly known as the Bullpen. The Bullpen has eight Apple Intel iMac workstations in a lab setting (black and silver, Intel iMac 2.0 GHz with 20” widescreen display). The room is used for undergraduate and graduate editing work and is unprecedented in software installs, considering the professional industry’s top three favorite editing applications are on every single workstation: Final Cut Studio 2, Avid Media Composer Soft and Pro Tools LE (with Digidesign MBoxes attached to all stations except the teacher station which has a Digi002 Factory Control Surface).

It is a frequent location for faculty, staff and TAs to host workshops for Final Cut Pro and Pro Tools, and is often used as a Pro Tools class lab. The teacher’s iMac workstation at the front of the room is connected to a wall-mounted 50” Panasonic widescreen plasma television with side-mounted stereo speakers, so that students can view the teacher’s actions on the screen and follow along on their own workstation. The lab is also used for individual student editing, researching the sound effects library server, exporting quicktime movies and burning CDs and DVDs of student work using the iLife applications like iTunes and iDVD.

The Bullpen is an all-access lab for enrolled film students with the properly assigned security door codes. Film students are allowed to work quietly on any available station in this lab 24-hours a day seven days a week, excluding holidays and maintenance periods. It is recommended that all students bring in their own headphones (with stereo mini connector) when using the Bullpen so as not to disturb other students in the room. DV decks and cameras can be connected with a firewire cable to any of the 8 iMac computers for capturing video footage into Final Cut Pro or Avid or for outputting edits to tape for class screener copies. The disc drives in these stations can playback and burn CDs and DVDs. The ability to burn DVDs is very popular in this lab, especially at the end of each quarter when students want to make screener copies of their films to take home. All stations can access our local network servers, and all stations connect to the internet using Safari and Firefox browsers. It is a popular place for undergraduate production students to work together.