Critical Studies Screening Room

Location: Melnitz 2568

The Critical Studies Screening Room has theater seating for 30, with a wall-mounted Panasonic 50” widescreen monitor and a 5.1 surround sound system. A machine rack at the front of the room has a DVD player (5.1 sound), VCR (stereo sound) and Laserdisc player (stereo sound), all of which are connected to a receiver that is connected to the room’s 50” display and sound system.

There are additional VGA, DVI and stereo mini cables attached, should a presenter wish to connect their laptop to the display. The room also has a large white-erase board for professors to do their lectures. This room does not have a computer. It is commonly used for critical studies lectures and screenings from DVD and for appearances with guest speakers and guest lecturers.