Color Correction Suite

Location: Melnitz 2465

The Color Correction Suite is a specialized edit bay with a Mac Pro computer loaded with OS X, Final Cut Studio, Shake and AfterEffects. The room also features dual Apple Cinema HD displays (wide-screen 23” flat-panels). The computer has a RAID for fast playback of high definition media and the school’s only AJA KONA LHe 12-bit HD and SD Video Editing and Graphics PCIe card with Analog and Digital I/Os installed.

This is also the home to the school’s only Panasonic DVCPro HD deck, installed in this room for outputs to tape (DV, DVCPro, DVCPro HD – 720/24p and 1080/60i) and a SONY 26” wide-screen monitor for viewing playback of material on tape or color correction previews.

This room can only be used by graduate production students and with permission from post production staff. Reservations are required.