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If you would like to create or revise content for the new TFT website, there are a few hard and fast guidelines for stories that are appropriate for the site:

  • Stories must directly involve the School, its programs, or the work or accomplishments of TFT alumni, faculty or board members.
  • Content cannot directly involve the School in an attempt to sell products, services, etc.

Bear in mind that the TFT website is not a bulletin board but a publication. Its content has to rise to a certain level of timeliness, relevance and interest, in order to assure that our users will enjoy the experience and elect to return.

I. Event

Events will be live on the site within 48 hours of submission, provided that all the necessary information has been submitted.

Click here to be taken to the Event Submission Form.

II. News Story

In general, news stories are those that describe a single discreet event: an award, a film release, or the publication of a book. Feature Stories have wider scope and more general implications and tend to be evergreen: a profile, a wide-ranging interview, or an essay by a faculty member. There are two ways to submit content for a news story:

1. You can create the content yourselves, by following the established guidelines. In this case the story will likely be posted very quickly, with few editorial changes. (We will, however, exercise discretion as to how the story is displayed.)

Click here to be taken to the News Story Submission Form.

2. Alternatively, you can suggest a story to cover, which will be prioritized in accordance with its relevance, importance, and how it fits into existing work flow.

Click here to be taken to the News Story Topic Suggestion Form.

III. New Web Page

You can request that a new page be created for on going enterprises such as programs, initiatives, scholarships, major events or conferences, especially if RSVP or ticketing links are required.

Click here to be taken to the New Page Request Form