Notable Alumni Directors

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Lee Breuer '58 ("Mabou Mines' Dollhouse")

Kate Cherry (Artistic Director, Black Swan Theatre Company, Perth, Australia)

John Rando MFA '88 ("Urinetown," "The Wedding Singer")

Shirley Jo Finney MFA '73 ("Winnie")

Brian Kite '91, MFA '04 ("Driving Miss Daisy" Revival)

Kristin Hanggi ’98 ("Rock of Ages")


Allison Anders '86 ("Things Behind The Sun," "The L Word")

Mike B. Anderson MFA '90 ("The Simpsons Movie")

Carlos Avila MFA '91 ("Price Of Glory," "Foto-Novelas")

* Paul Bartel '61 ("Deathrace 2000," "Eating Raoul")

Shane Black '83 ("Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang")

Charles Burnett '69, MFA  '77 ("Killer Of Sheep," "To Sleep With Anger")

Patricia Cardoso MFA '94 ("Real Women Have Curves," "The Water Carrier of Cucunuba")

Gil Cates ("I Never Sang For My Father")

Francis Ford Coppola MFA '67 ("The Godfather" trilogy, "Apocalypse Now")

Alex Cox ("Repo Man," "Sid And Nancy")

Julie Dash MFA  '85 ("Daughters of the Dust," "The Rosa Parks Story")

Jonathan Dayton '80 ("Little Miss Sunshine")

Chris Eska MFA '03 ("August Evening")

Jamaa Fanaka '73, MFA  '79 ("Penitentiary," "Hip Hop Jump")

* Thomas Graeff '52 ("Teenagers From Outer Space")

Catherine Hardwicke ("Thirteen," "Twilight")

* Kayo Hatta MFA  '91 ("Picture Bride")

Charles Herman-Wurmfeld ("Kissing Jessica Stein," "Legally Blonde 2: Red, White And Blonde")

Rickerby Hinds MFA  '96 ("Buckworld One")

Neal Jimenez '83 ("The Waterdance")

Gil Kenan MFA '02 ("Monster House," "City Of Ember")

David Koepp '90 ("Secret Window," "Ghost Town")

Susan Kramer ("Gray Matters")

Lee Chi-yuan ("Hurricane Festival," "Chocolate Rap")

Lee Kwang-mo MFA  '98 ("Spring In My Hometown")

Justin Lin '95 ("Finishing The Game," "Fast Five")

Ramon Menendez ("Stand And Deliver," "Money For Nothing")

Nina Menkes MFA  '89 ("Phantom Love")

Niels Mueller MFA  '89 ("The Assassination Of Richard Nixon")

Gregory Nava '71, MFA  '76 ("American Family," "Selena," "Bordertown")

Alexander Payne MFA  '90 ("About Schmidt," "Sideways")

Gina Prince-Bythewood '91 ("Love And Basketball," "The Secret Life Of Bees")

Billy Ray '85 ("Shattered Glass," "Breach")

Rob Reiner ("A Few Good Men," "When Harry Met Sally")

Tim Robbins '82 ("Dead Man Walking," "Cradle Will Rock")

Bobby Roth '75 ("Prison Break," "Berkeley")

* Richard Rush ("Getting Straight," "The Stunt Man")

* Denis Sanders '52, MFA  '55 ("A Time Out of War," "Crime and Punishment USA")

Jay Sandrich '53 ("Mary Tyler Moore Show," "The Cosby Show")

Paul Schrader MA '70 ("Auto Focus," "Adam Resurrected")

Tom Shadyac ("Bruce Almighty," "Liar, Liar")

Chuck Sheetz '83 ("Recess: School's Out," "What's New, Scooby-Doo?")

Brad Silberling MFA  '87 ("Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events," "10 Items or Less")

David Silverman '79, MFA  '83 ("Monsters Inc," "The Simpsons Movie")

Penelope Spheeris '69, MA '73 ("Wayne's World," "The Decline of Western Civilization")

Ham Tran '03 ("Journey From the Fall")

Gore Verbinski '87 ("Pirates Of The Caribbean" trilogy, "The Weather Man")

Kurt Voss ("Down and out With the Dolls," "Sugar Town")

Prince Chatri Chalerm Yukol ("Legend of Suriothai," "King of Fire")


Mike B. Anderson MFA  '90 ("The Simpsons")

Daniel Attias MFA  '83 ("The Sopranos," The Wire," "Six Feet Under")

Bruce Bilson '50 ("Get Smart," "The Odd Couple")

Todd Holland '83 ("Malcolm in the Middle")

Louis J. Horvitz '68 (multiple Academy Awards and Emmy Awards Shows)

Bob Lally '59, MA '60 ("The Jeffersons," "Silver Spoons")

Michael Nankin '77 ("Picket Fences," "Battlestar Galactica")

Gina Prince-Bythewood '91 ("The Bernie Mac Show")

Bobby Roth ("Prison Break")

Chuck Sheetz '83 ("Recess," "The Simpsons")

David Silverman '79, MFA '83 ("The Simpsons")


David Harrison MFA '08 ("How Do I Say This?")

Kevin Scharff MFA  '97 ("Call Of Duty: Finest Hour," "Legendary")

Sunil Thankamushy MFA '01 ("Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty," "Legendary")

* Deceased