Notable Alumni Writers

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Tiffany Antone '04, MFA '06 ("Ana and the Closet," "In The Company Of Jane Doe")

Angela Berliner MFA '07 ("Little," "Blood Hungary")

Sheila Callaghan MFA '97 ("Dead City," "Fever Dream" "Scab")

Tom Jacobson MFA '85 ("Tainted Blood," "The Friendly Hour")

Rose Martula MFA '03 ("Salsa Saved the Girls")

Brian Nelson MFA '81 ("Hard Candy" "30 Days of Night")

Laurel Ollstein ("Laughter," "Hope and a Sock in the Eye," "Opa!")

Matt Palfrey MFA '05 ("Cockroach Nation," "Freak Storm")

Brian Pugach '09 ("The Next Fairy Tale")

Marlene Shelton MFA '05 ("If the Shoe Fits")

Michael Vukadinovich MFA '07 ("Billboard")


Michael Armbruster MFA '04 ("Beautiful Boy")

Dustin Lance Black '96 ("Milk," "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test"))

Shane Black ("Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang;" "Lethal Weapon" I & Ii, "The Last Action Hero")

Jeffrey Boam ("Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade," "Lethal Weapon 3")

Paul Castro ("August Rush")

Patrick Cirillo ("Tears of the Sun," "Dangerous Heart")

Lewis Colick ("Ladder 49," "October Sky")

Sacha Gervasi ("The Terminal," "The Hypnotist," "Henry's Crime")

Dan Gordon ("Wyatt Earp," "The Hurricane")

Pamela Gray ("A Walk on the Moon," "Music Of The Heart")

Claudia Grazioso ("Bring It on Again," "Are We There Yet?")

Nicholas Griffin ("Matchstick Men")

Dean Hargrove ("Perry Mason," "Columbo")

Jim Herzfeld ("Meet The Parents," "Meet The Fockers")

Collin Higgins ("Harold and Maude," "Nine to Five")

Randall Jahnson ("The Doors," "The Mask of Zorro")

Laeta Kalogridis ("Alexander," "Birds of Prey")

Gloria Katz ("American Graffiti," "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom")

David Koepp ("Spider Man," "Mission Impossible")

Scott Kosar ("The Amityville Horror," "Machinist," "Texas Chainsaw Massacre")

Josefina Lopez ("Real Woman Have Curves")

Michael Miner ("Robocop" trilogy)

Niels Mueller ("Tadpole," "The Assassination of Richard Nixon")

Ed Neumeier ("Starship Troopers," "Robocop" trilogy)

Alexander Payne ("Sideways," "About Schmidt," "Election")

Don Payne ("My Super Ex Girlfriend," "The Simpsons")

Gregory Poirier ("Rosewood," "Tomcats")

Robert Roy Pool ("Outbreak," "Armageddon")

F.J. Pratt ("Frasier," "Less Than Perfect")

Richard Price ("The Color of Money," "Mad Dog and Glory")

Daniel Pyne ("The Manchurian Candidate," "The Sum of All Fears")

Paris Qualles ("The Tuskegee Airmen," "Rosa Parks Story")

Billy Ray ("Flight Plan," "Suspect Zero," "Shattered Glass")

Marco Williams ("Two Towns of Jasper")

Scott Rosenberg ("Gone in 60 Seconds," "High Fidelity")

Eric Roth ("The Insider," "Forrest Gump")

Paul Schrader ("Raging Bull," "Taxi Driver")

Ed Solomon ("Men In Black," "The In-Laws")

Dana Stevens ("City Of Angels," "For the Love of The Game")

Kathy Stumpe ("Cheers," "Everybody Loves Raymond")

Eric Wald ("View From The Top")

David S. Ward ("The Sting," "Sleepless In Seattle")

Audrey Wells ("Shall We Dance?," "Under The Tuscan Sun," "Truth About Cats & Dogs")

Mike Werb & Michael Colleary ("Face/Off," "The Mask")

Marianne Wibberley "(National Treasure," "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle")

Gregory Widen ("Highlander," "Back Draft")

Caroline Williams ("The Office," "Miss/Guided")


Jeffrey Bell MFA '90 ("The X-Files," "Alias," "Day Break")

Dustin Lance Black '96 ("Big Love")

Jeffrey Boam MFA '72 ("The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.")

Sheila Callaghan MFA '97 ("United States of Tara")

Dean Hargrove ("Perry Mason," "Columbo")

Laeta Kalogridis MFA '94 ("The Bionic Woman")

Brian Nelson MFA '81 ('Lois And Clark: The New Adventures of Superman," "Earth: Final Conflict")

Don Payne '87, MFA '91 ("The Simpsons")

Matt Palfrey MFA ’05 ("Skins")

F.J. Pratt '82 ("Frasier," "Less Than Perfect")

Paris Qualles MA '78 ("The Tuskegee Airmen," "Rosa Parks Story")

Kathy Stumpe MFA '91 ("Cheers," "Everybody Loves Raymond")

Gregory Widen '81, MFA '85 ("Highlander")

Caroline Williams MFA '04 ("The Office," "Miss/Guided")