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Shirley Davis


“Shirley Shirley Davis is executive vice president, physical production at Alcon Entertainment. The Alcon Production group has overseen projects such as Dolphin Tale and its sequel; Joyful Noise; Beautiful Creatures; Prisoners; Transcendence; Point Break and Blade Runner 2049, starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford.

Davis has been the production executive on films in multiple states and countries; most recently she dealt with a myriad of film incentives on Point Break, which filmed in 11 countries and four states. Previously she was the vp, physical production at The Film Department where the TFD Production group oversaw Law Abiding Citizen and A Little Bit of Heaven.

Davis has also worked in film and TV production, since 1995, as a freelance line producer and production manager for most of the major studios and HBO Films, among others. In addition to film and television production, Davis has been a co-executive producer for a number of digital projects, including those for Mark Burnett Productions, MTV Networks, AOL and Yahoo.

Davis started her career in international sales distribution at Hearst Entertainment and Orion Pictures. She is a member of the Directors Guild of America and the Producer Guild of America.


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