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Arne Lunde

Associate Professor

Arne LundeArne Lunde is an associate professor in the Scandinavian Section at UCLA and an affiliate associate professor of Cinema and Media Studies at UCLA TFT. He teaches courses on Swedish film and other Nordic national cinemas, Ingmar Bergman, Carl-Theodor Dreyer, and Scandinavian literature. His book Nordic Exposures: Scandinavian Identities in Classical Hollywood Cinema explores how Scandinavian whiteness and ethnicity functioned in Hollywood cinema between and during the two world wars. Lunde’s articles and reviews have appeared in Journal of Scandinavian Cinema, Film International, Film Quarterly, The Moving Image, Scandinavian Studies, Scandinavica, and Comparative Literature. His most recent publications include the following edited-volume chapters: “The Story of a Bad Girl!: Summer with Monika, Sexploitation and the Selling of Erotic Bergman in America” in Beyond Swedish Summers: The Breakthrough of Sexuality in Swedish Cinema; “The Scandinavian Colonies of Silent Era Hollywood” in The Blackwell Companion to Nordic Cinema; and “Going Hollywood: Nordic Directors in Contemporary American Cinema” in Popular Nordic Genre Film: Small Nation Film Cultures in the Global Marketplace.

Lunde is currently working on a book manuscript titled Early Bergman as Auteur Inside the Swedish Studio System, 1944-1960. The book focuses on the Swedish auteur before he became the brand name “Bergman” in 1960s and 1970s European art cinema and analyzes his first decade and a half as a writer-director working within the Swedish studio system, not only for Svensk Filmindustri (SF) but also rival studios such as Terrafilm and Sandrews. His case studies include the following chapter approaches: (1) Ingmar’s Hitchcockian Cameos: Early Bergman as Auteur inside the Swedish Studio System; (2) The City, Noir, and Jazz in 40s Bergman; (3) Scenes from a Menagerie: Dogs, Cats, and Teddy Bears; (4) Summer with Monika, Sexploitation, and the Selling of Erotic Bergman in America; and (5) Through a Laugh Darkly: Bergman and Comedy, Animation, and Effects. Lunde is also currently co-editing, with Professor Anna Westerståhl Stenport of Georgia Tech University, the volume Nordic Film Cultures: A Globalised History of Cinematic Elsewheres (under contract with Edinburgh University Press).