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Greg Cohen


Greg Cohen’s teaching and research center broadly on theories of spatiality and the moving image in post-war visual culture, with particular interests in avant-garde and experimental film and video; landscape art and landscape theory; the history and theory of architecture and urbanism; and the convergence of art theory and radical political discourses in the Global Sixties. His doctoral training was in romance languages and literatures (Ph.D., Harvard University ’08), with a specialization in Latin American cultural studies, a field that continues to inform his work.

More recently, his research has gravitated towards questions of cultural memory, the aesthetics and politics of appropriation, and theories and practices of the archive, all of which bear on his role as co-curator of the Festival of (In)appropriation, an annual, international showcase of experimental found-footage film and video sponsored by LA Filmforum, now in its sixth year. Mr. Cohen also maintains an active practice as a poet and visual artist. His writing has appeared in journals such as Annetna Nepo, E-ratio, and Anti-, and his photographic work featured among the winners of the 2013 International Juried Competition of the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (LACDA). From October 2012 to April 2013, he served as Visualist-in-Residence at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry in Los Angeles, where he developed The Valaco Archive, a multi-media visual research installation concerned with notions of experimental accumulation and speculative archives.

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