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Steven Ritz-Barr

Steven Ritz-BarrSteven Ritz-Barr learned Puppetry Arts from Jean-Loup Temporal in Paris, while studying at L’Ecole Jacques LeCoq in 1980. He was introduced to film/video through a Jim Henson Workshop in 1985 and soon after worked with Jean-Pierre Jeunet (before City of Lost Children and Amelie) and the first seasons of the longest running (19 years) adult political satire show in history-Les Guignol de l'Info. In the U.S., he puppeteered on “Batman Returns,” “Men in Black,” “Aliens Resurrection,” “Team America: World Police,” “Muppets Tonight” and others, and has performed thousands of his own live shows for children. Presently, he’s creating the puppet-film series, Classics in Miniature, the first of which is “Faust.” “Quixote” is in development.

Classics in Miniature

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