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Maria Elena de las Carreras

María Elena de las Carreras, MA '89, PhD ’95 is a Fulbright scholar and film critic from Argentina.She is a regular collaborator of the Latin American Cinemateca of Los Angeles and the CSUN Cinematheque. She has been an accredited journalist at the Berlin Film Festival since 1986. She has published many journalistic articles and essays, in English and Spanish. Her scholarly publications and blog are available through academia.edu.

Publications Include:

  • “The ‘Setentista’ discourse in recent Argentine political Documentaries” (forthcoming)
  • “A case of ‘entente cordiale’: Catholics and censorship in Argentina” (forthcoming)
  • “Luis Buñuel’s Quarrel with the Catholic Church”, Buñuel, siglo XXI. Spain: Instituto Fernando el Católico, 2004
  • “The Catholic Vision in Hollywood,” Film History, vol.14, n.2, 2002
  • “Marina Goldovskaya,” “Gyula Gazdag,” “Krzysztof Kieslowski,” “Jeanine Meerapfel,” Encyclopedia of the Documentary Film, 2006
  • “Lamar Trotti,” “Waldo Salt,” “George Pal,” American National Biography,1999
  • “El control de cine en la Argentina: 1968-1984,” and “El control del cine en la Argentina: 1984-1991, Foro Político, Revista del Instituto de Ciencias Politicas. Buenos Aires:
  • Universidad del Museo Social Argentino, volume XIX.