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Vincent Brook


Vincent Brook

Lecturer Vincent Brook has worked as a film editor and screenwriter. As an educator, he has written numerous articles, anthology essays and encyclopedia entries. His published books include Something Ain’t Kosher Here: The Rise of the ‘Jewish’ Sitcom (Rutgers, 2003); Driven to Darkness: Jewish Èmigrè Directors and the Rise of Film Noir (Rutgers, 2009); and Land of Smoke and Mirrors: A Cultural History of Los Angeles (Rutgers, 2013). Additionally, he edited You Should See Yourself: Jewish Identity in Postmodern American Culture (Rutgers, 2006) and co-edited Woody on Rye: Jewishness in the Films and Plays of Woody Allen (Brandeis, 2013).

Mr. Brook also teaches media and cultural studies at the University of Southern California, California State University Los Angeles and Pierce College. He received his master’s degree in 1997 and his Ph.D. in 2001 in Film & Television from the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.