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S.I. Salamensky

Shelley Salamensky Professor S.I. Salamensky is a scholar, editor, and writer working across the fields of literature, performing arts, film, and culture. She is also a faculty member in European and Eurasian Studies and Jewish Studies, and serves on UCLA's Writing Committee. Diaspora Disneys," her current book in progress (under contract) explores issues of home, homeland, exile, longing and belonging.

Her previous books include The Modern Art of Influence and the Spectacle of Oscar Wilde (Palgrave Macmillan) and Talk Talk Talk: The Cultural Life of Everyday Conversation (Routledge). Her work has appeared in both scholarly and popular volumes and journals, including The Believer, The Los Angeles Review of Books (at which she is Contributing Editor) and The New York Review of Books."

She holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Harvard University, and is a recent Fellow of The American Council of Learned Societies.


  • Office: 3334 Macgowan
  • E-mail: ss@tft.ucla.edu
  • Phone: 310-204-1577