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Gregory Leazer

Gregory Leazer is an associate professor in the Department of Information

Studies at the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies (GSE&IS). He has master's and doctoral degrees in library and information studies from Columbia University, and spent a year working on information systems for the New York Public Library before coming to UCLA in 1994.

Since then, his plan has been to develop an intelligent search agent that will investigate digital libraries, traditional libraries, museum resources and anything else that might be relevant to a particular query — and that will do so without getting stymied by the varying formats it might find in the course of the search.

Publications include “A Conceptual Schema for the Control of Bibliographic Works” (1994), “Toward the Bibliographic Control of Works: Derivative Bibliographic Relationships in the Online Union Catalog” (1994) and “Recent Research on the Sequential Bibliographic Relationship and Its Implications for Standards and the Library Catalog: An Examination of Serials” (1996).