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Dee Caruso

About Dee CarusoGolden Age television pioneer Dee Caruso, with his partner Gerald Gardener, wrote shows for comedians Red Skelton, Jack Benny, Jerry Lewis, Don Adams, Don Rickles, Debbie Reynolds, Robin Williams, Bill Cosby and The Smothers Brothers. They wrote 16 “Get Smarts,” including the first one on the air, and were head writers of “The Monkees” and the producers of the “Red Skelton Show” and “What’s Happening.” Their “Gilligan’s Island” with Phil Silvers and two of their “Get Smart” scripts were picked as among the top 50 sitcoms. They also wrote three feature films — “World’s Greatest Athlete” for Disney, “Which Way to the Front” with Jerry Lewis for Warner Brothers, and “Doin Time” for Warner Brothers — and six movies for television, including “How to Break Up a Happy Divorce," which due to unprecedented ratings was shown twice on primetime on CBS in one month.


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