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Belinda Starkie

Belinda Starkie MFA '91 has been a faculty member in the Production/Directing area of the School of Theater, Film and Television since 1995. Her long career has spanned professional classical ballet dance and commercial and art photography. Her MFA degree from the School was a combined degree in live-action directing and animation. Starkie also worked on a technique on the optical printer to create what she conceives as Dance/Film. Her films have taken her to the Czech Republic and Hungary.

While maintaining her position as Adjunct Assistant Professor, Starkie completed a temporary position as Interim Director and Assistant Director of Video Production (BS degree program) at the Art Institute of California – Los Angeles (AICA-LA). She has taught screenwriting, narrative production and editing, directing the actor and electronic field-production (EFP) at that school.

Starkie has co-written a script with Sead Multarevic titled “T-Rex,” and has co-written another script with Gyula Gazdag, “Moonlit Kisses.” She has also written two other features, “The Juliet Variations” and “Marie-Madeleine.” She is writing the latter as a novel.

Starkie’s major passion is taking dance off the stage and into cinema. She has filmed known dancers and then re-created them as a full cinema experience. She always collaborates with the dancers so that she does not destroy their vision and choreography. She has been working with Interactive Media Design and is planning to take her films into the interactive medium.